Style Notes From Toke Makinwa: 5 Ways To Wear Your Blazers Like A Boss

Hello everyone…

Today I’ll be talking on how to wear your blazers like a boss. And we’ll be taking inspiration from Toke Makinwa who has proven to be a fashion icon with her impeccable taste over the years.

Now, for those of us who don’t know Toke Makinwa, she’s a Nigerian celebrity who is well known for her taste in fashion. She started out as an OAP (On Air Personality), and then branched out to create her fashion brand which has grown to become a household name, especially her luxury bags and accessories brand Toke Makinwa Luxury.

I’ve watched and followed Toke for a while now (I absolutely adore her style. How can you not?) and blazers is a recurring item in her outfits. So I felt it’d be best to draw inspiration from how she styles her blazers and share with you guys. Read on to find out how to wear your blazers like a boss…

1. You Can Never Go Wrong With Monochrome

Toke has shown us that with blazers, you can never go wrong with monochrome vibes. Matching your blazers with the entire outfit is a boss move anyone can pull off. So wear your blazers in colorful style and feel like the boss you are.

2. Bosses Aren’t Afraid To Show Some Skin

With Toke, she is never afraid to show a little bit (or a lot) of skin. She is all about go bold or go home. Channel your inner goddess by wearing your blazers with a crop top or a brallette underneath and watch heads turn as you walk by.

3. There’s Beauty In Simplicity

As much as sexy is the order of the day, you can also find beauty in simplicity. Bosses can pull of anything and Toke has shown us that in this outfit she wore for her Yahoo! Magazine feature for Influencers To Follow In 2020. A camisole, natural makeup and minimal jewelry can still make you look every inch the boss you are. Take notes from Toke and rock that look baby girl. This look is especially perfect for those meetings and seminars you wanna go for.

4. Biker Shorts And An Oversized Blazer

When I saw this picture and outfit, I immediately fell in love and I told myself I’ll recreate this look one day. I haven’t gotten the chance to yet, but I will. It spells comfy with a hint of sexy to go. Its beautiful and really stylish. You can take this inspo and also come up with something creative.

5. Boss It Up With A Pair Of Cool Jeans And Killer Heels

This has got to be my favorite way to style my blazer. Simple yet elegant. This look is one that will have you feeling like you can conquer the entire world, and Toke wears it so well. You can too. Break out your favorite jeans, a pair of killer heels and you are good to go boss.

Disclaimer: All of these pictures were gotten from her official IG page.

What do you think of this post? Did you find it helpful? What’s your favorite way to style your blazers? Please leave your comments below…

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