10 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands Worth Patronizing

Hello lovelies.

I know it’s been a while since I dropped a post. My school resumed after almost a year at home and I’ve been really trying to find a balance between school work and blogging. We weren’t having online classes during the period of lockdown last year because the body governing all government owned universities in my country was on strike (yeah, the Nigerian education system is trash, but there’s nothing we can do about it), and because of that, we resumed with a lot of workload (the joys of being a law student) and pressure to meet up with our counterparts in private universities.

So yeah, it’s been a really hectic few weeks. But not to worry. I have a lot of content planned and will get to writing awesome blog posts as soon as I can, which for now may be once or twice a week, I’m not sure yet. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding.

So for today’s post, I’ll be sharing cruelty free makeup brands worth patronizing.

I’ve been a lover of animals since a young age and I recently got interested in the topic of animal testing which I find really appalling and disgusting.

Because of what I found out from my research on the topic, I promised myself I’ll try my very best not to patronize brands that are involved in testing their products on animals anymore. So I did a little bit of research to know makeup brands that are certified as cruelty free in order to switch to them. And I decided to share my findings with all of you.

So below, you will find some of the brands that I came across. Some of them are brands I’ve patronized before and I was really happy to know that they are actually cruelty free brands.

E.L.F Cosmetics

I haven’t personally shopped the E.L.F brand before, but one thing I’ve come to love about them is their cheap and affordable prices. And the fact that they are unchanging in their stance against animal testing is a huge plus. I found out during my research that they’ve participated in numerous campaigns against animal cruelty and I just fell in love. I already compiled a list of their products I would love to buy. This is a great brand for those who need a budget friendly makeup/skincare brand.

Huda Beauty

I’ve followed Huda on instagram for a while now and I absolutely love their products, and the makeup looks they create. It’s a brand that is on my wish list and I’m be happy to find out that they are a cruelty free brand.

Zikel Cosmetics

One of my favorite Nigerian makeup brands, zikel has always been a makeup brand dear to my heart. From their affordable prices to the quality products to the fact that it’s a cruelty free brand, zikel is one makeup brand that is worth patronizing.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Every girls dream makeup brand. I’ve not really purchased any of their products because I’ve not yet had the opportunity of doing so, but I’ve heard great things and read great reviews about this brand. During my research, this is one brand that continuously had the certification of being cruelty free, and they also have some vegan products, which is really lovely as they cater to all needs.


When I first heard of catrice, it was on a blogger’s review of their products. I’ve not personally used any of their products yet, but I plan to do so because they are a cruelty free brand. And I also found out that they have some vegan products to suit needs accordingly.

Sleek Beauty

I’m a regular purchaser of sleek products, and one product I really love is their pressed powder because of how inclusive it is with skin tones and shades. Being a cruelty free brand has just made me love the brand more.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty beauty has been on my makeup wish list ever since it dropped, and while I haven’t had the privilege of getting any of their products yet, I can safely say they deliver quality. And the best part, they are cruelty free.

Charlotte Tilburry

I’ve never used a Charlotte Tilburry makeup product before because it’s a bit on the high side and more than what I can afford, but for those of you who can afford it and are looking for quality cruelty free brands to patronize, then Charlotte Tilburry is a perfect choice.


Apart from a lip gloss which was gifted to me by a friend, I haven’t used any other glossier products, but the reviews on the brand show that it is a brand worth patronizing.


One of my favorite go to brands, I was super elated when I found out Milani is a cruelty free brand because it is one brand I always patronise and I love their products that I’ve come across and used.

So that’s it for today’s post guys. I really do hope you found it very helpful. I’ll be back next week with another post.

What do you think of this post? Please drop your comments below…

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