5 Simple Makeup Hacks Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

Hello lovelies…

It’s been a while I did a post on makeup so I decided to do one today. And for today’s post, I will be sharing with you guys simple makeup hacks that are very useful to every lady out there.

Makeup hacks are a great way to save time and money on makeup and I just love them. I love learning new hacks and tips and I enjoy sharing them which is why I’ll be sharing 5 simple makeup hacks today.

I hope you find them really helpful. So read on for simple makeup hacks guaranteed to make things easier for you…

1. Use a spoon to create winged eyeliner

The winged eyeliner is one of the most tricky makeup looks to perfect and it takes a lot of time for some people to get it. I know I still haven’t gotten it perfectly. Which is why I was excited when I first learnt about using a spoon to get the look. You first place handle at the corner of your eye and draw the line. Then you turn the spoon over, place the curved side against your eye and use the round edge to create a second line that’s connected to the first line. Then you can fill in the rest part. And there you have it, effortless winged eyeliner. With this technique you don’t have to do, wipe off and redo.

2. Add saline solution to clumpy mascara tube to extend shell life

Is your mascara clumped inside its tube? If you cannot afford the time or money to get a new one, no worries because I have the perfect solution for you love. Just take a bit of saline solution and add it to your mascara and it will instantly turn back to normal.

3. Double your hair gel as brow gel

If you’re out of brow gel and you’re rushing somewhere and don’t have the timebto spare, not to worry, just apply a little amount of your hair gel to your spoolie and brush your brows into place. It will look as though you used your brow gel. No one will even notice.

4. Use your mascara as eyeliner

There might be a time you find yourself out of eyeliner. Don’t stress yourself with getting a new one instantly. Your mascara can be used as an eyeliner for the meantime. Chicago based makeup artist Paula Heckenast says “Simply apply the mascara super-close to the lash line, shimmying it up against the skin to create a smudge-y line. If you have a brush, use that—you can drag the brush along the mascara wand and apply the product like a gel liner”.

5. Add a few drops of face oil into foundation to prevent flaky makeup for dry skin

For those who have dry and flaky skin, applying foundation can be a real hassle because it most times comes out flaky and patchy. To remedy this, add a few drops of face oil into your foundation before applying it on your face. This will help the foundation glide smoothly on your face and make the application flawless and beautiful.

What do you think of this post? Did you find it helpful? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section…

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