Thrifting In The Market: How To Get Really Great Pieces

Hello lovelies…

So on Saturday I went thrift shopping for clothes at a local market in my city Yenagoa and I must say I loved every bit of it. I go thrifting from time to time because I love the amazing clothes I can get for really cheap prices.

Even though it was a bit stressful due to the struggles to get the best and the pushing involved, I’m actually very happy with the pieces I was able to get. I got a few everyday clothes and also some white and black clothes for school because, hello, law student over here. Lol.

Anyhoo, so today I’ll be talking on thrift shopping in the market and how to get great pieces that will be worth your money, because even though the clothes are cheap, you want to get things you can actually wear well.

Thrifting is a really great way to update your closet especially if you can’t always afford brand new or designer clothes. Sure they are second hand, and used but if done right, you can get really good clothes that you can wear and look really beautiful.

So here are steps you need to take while thrifting to get the best pieces…

Plan ahead

First of all, you need to plan ahead because thrift shopping especially in this part is stressful mentally and physically. Basically where I like to go at one of the local markets, every Saturday, once the time is 5pm, the vendors bring out the very cheap items (clothes) and drop them in piles on the ground. Then every one can start picking what they like. The problem is there are lots of people fighting for the best so you need to be smart to get good stuff. So you need to be well prepared for the struggles involved. Go on the days where you feel energized and ready to endure the pushing lol.

Dress for the occasion

Thrift shopping everywhere requires that you dress properly because there may or may not be a changing room. The market I go to is very open and you don’t have the luxury of a changing room. So you need to wear clothes that can enable you try on the pieces you want so you can know if they fit you well. A tank top is most advised so you can throw on anything on top of it. For bottoms, leggings or biker shorts will be the best option for you so your pants and skirts can go onto it.

Pick anything you like before sorting through

When you get there, there may be a crowd so you have to pick the things you like first without even trying on before someone else picks it. When I get to the market I just pick up everything I like or need and then, when I’m done, I start sorting through them to see if they are really what I want. If you don’t, others might get to it first and pick up all the nice stuff.

Inspect closely for stains, tears etc…

When you’re done picking and sorting through, you need to inspect everything for things like tears, stains, buttons etc. If there are things like that you are advised to drop the cloth because most of those stains are unremovable and the tears are unfixable, and if you buy it, you might end up not wearing them. Which will become a waste. So always inspect whatever you pick in the market. The vendors will try to convince you that it is fixable but if you are not convinced enough don’t buy it. Another thing to look out for is hair on the clothes.

Try on everything to know if it fits

This is very important so you don’t end up buying clothes that will be useless to you. No matter how cheap they are, it will still be a waste if you can’t wear it. Try on every single thing before you buy it. If you don’t, you won’t know if a dress is too small or too big or without form on you. You won’t know if it even suits you well. Which is why you need to dress well for the occasion so you can try them on and know if it fits you to your satisfaction.

Buy what you can wear, not what you feel you can wear

Most times we see some clothes and we feel we can wear it when in truth we won’t. Before I buy something I already have a picture of how and what I can wear it with. If I have nothing, I won’t buy it except I can get something to style it with right there. It saves me from buying things that will just sit in my wardrobe for a long time until I decide to give it away or throw it. If you know you can’t wear the dress, I’ll advice you to not buy it.

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