A Guide To Minimalism|How To Keep A Minimalist Wardrobe

Hello lovelies.

One thing I generally noticed in a lot of people around me new year’s resolution is the decision to start living minimally. And I had a conversation with a friend the other day and she was like she wanted to become a minimalist especially in fashion but she didn’t know how to go about it.

After I told her what she needed to do, I decided why not just write a post on it for others out there who are in the same boat. And this new year is the best time to start if you’ve made the decision to start dressing minimally.

While I really appreciate minimalism and try my very best to not spend on things I don’t need, I’m not exactly a minimalist when it comes to fashion because I love clothes and shopping for new outfits and I love the different ways I get to style my clothes. However I don’t spend unnecessarily on clothes that I don’t need or won’t wear so in a way I do try to live minimally to the best of my ability.

Now there’s this misconception that minimalism is boring and lacks colour, but that’s not true at all. Minimalist fashion is a great way to live and not boring at all. It’s not just about having a handful of neutral clothes in your wardrobe. It’s about living intentionally. Buying and wearing only what you actually need and saving money in the process. It’s thinking of lots of creative ways you can style the few clothes you have. It’s keeping your fashion simple and classy so I really commend anyone who decides to take the step towards minimalist fashion.

I have a friend who is a big minimalist and most of my knowledge was gained through interaction and numerous conversations with her, research on my part and personal experience.

Keeping a minimalist wardrobe is basically like having a capsule wardrobe where you keep the things that are important that you actually need and wear. So here are the steps to going minimal and keeping a minimalist wardrobe.

Take out all your clothes

Now if you want to have a minimalist wardrobe, the first thing you need to do is bring out all of your clothes, shoes and bags so you can see just exactly how much clothes you really have and know the ones you don’t wear at all and need. Every single thing you own should be brought out.

Sort through them and separate the things you actually wear from those you don’t wear

Now that you’ve seen just how many clothes you have, next you need to sort through them and separate the clothimg items you wear from those you don’t. It doesn’t matter if you like it, as long as you haven’t worn it in ages let it go. It doesn’t matter the sentimental value it has to you, it has to go. As long as its something you don’t wear, put it in the pile of don’t wear.

Further sort through and separate the things you don’t need

Next you need to further sort through the clothes and remove the clothes you don’t need. If you wanna go minimalist, then you really don’t need 10 pairs of jeans and 10 winter coats or 10 pairs of sneakers. So you need to further sort through and take out the ones you don’t need. Go through the clothes and remove the ones you know you don’t need.

Arrange what is left in your wardrobe

Once you’re done sorting through your clothes and separating, you can then rearrange the ones that are left back in your wardrobe properly for easy viewing and access. That way you can now access what and what you’re left with. You can arrange them by colour or type.

Get rid of the other things

Now that that’s done, you need to get rid of the items that didn’t make the cut. You can either throw them away or donate them to those who need it (which is actually the best option).

Stop the unnecessary shopping and splurging on clothes

Now that you’ve minimised your wardrobe, you need to curb the habit of unnecessary shopping. As you’ve decided to go minimal you have to stick to it. Shopping unnecessarily only adds back to your clothes which goes away from the whole idea of minimalism. That isn’t to say you can’t shop for new things. Just shop for what you need.

Don’t buy what you won’t wear

Another habit you need to curb is buying what you won’t wear. A lot of us just go to the store and buy what we like not caring if we can actually wear it or not. Before I buy a new piece of clothing I already have a picture of the different ways I’m going to style it in my head. If I have nothing that will go well with it in my closet and I can’t get one, I won’t buy it because it will just end up sitting in my wardrobe for ages gathering dust.

Now I want you to know that going minimal in fashion isn’t a one day thing so don’t worry if you can’t accomplish it in a day or two. It’s a gradual process which is life changing too. Take as much time as you need sorting through your things. And before you go down this path, you need to be absolutely sure it’s what you want so you don’t start and then regret your decision and give up half way. I commend anyone who decides to go down this road.

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  1. Oh my…that was really much. I’m glad you have done the right thing🤗. They just take up so much space and I’m sure you weren’t even wearing all of them. Keeping just a few pairs wouldn’t hurt😉

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