The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Looking Put Together Effortlessly

Hello my lovelies.

I want to start by wishing you all a Happy new year. I hope you all had wonderful holiday celebrations?

So I took a bit of a short break for the holidays to have some family time but I’m back fully now with loads of new content for you all.

I know a lot of us are under a lot of stress these days and may want to put little or no effort at all into our appearance and outfits, which is totally understandable trust me. A lot of the time we just have so much to do and so much stuff going on that we just don’t have the time to think up and plan a great outfit.

Late nights, early mornings, hectic days and more just leave us feeling tired and lacking fashion motivation. I personally really just want to be in sweats all day and lounge all the time.
Also, there are days where we just feel super lazy and want to go with a normal effortless look. I have days like that a lot lately and I know most of you can relate.

However, looking good and put together at all times is something I’m sure we can all agree is very necessary. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, or how lazy you feel, we need to try as much as possible to look put together at least. The great part is, you can look good without having to put in too much effort. Just a few simple tricks and you’re good to go.

Picture this; you have an impromptu meeting or engagement and looking for the perfect outfit just isn’t possible, yet you know you have to look presentable to impress at least. Or you woke up late for school and have just a little time window to get ready else you’ll be late, and looking drab isn’t an option. Or you’re just a super busy mom who barely has time to get yourself ready in the mornings once the kids are done. Or you wake up too tired to plan a special outfit for the day. What do you do to look presentable?

That is what this post will be talking about today. How to look good and put together without putting in too much effort and time. I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks you can use daily if you want to look good effortlessly.

Avoid Rumpled Clothes


One tip to always look good is to wear clothes that are ironed at all times. Wearing rumpled clothes is a big no for any outing or occasion. No matter how desperate you are to put together an outfit, try as much as possible to avoid the ones that have not yet been ironed. Wearing ironed clothes no matter what always give out the put together vibe.

Don’t Forget To Accessorise


Accessories always elevate any outfit from dull and boring to chic and classy. Add jewelries even though minimal to your outfit and watch as it totally transforms. Put on your outfit and watch the magic a tiny pair of cute earrings and necklace will work on your overall look. Bracelets and rings are also perfect for times like this. Carry a cute bag or clutch and your outfit is complete.

Do Your Hair


One part of your body that really stands out when people see you is your hair. Even though you’re having a lazy or stressful day and you are too tired to do a serious hair updo, try to do your hair a bit. You can go for the cute messy bun, or a tight pony tail. Center parting is also a great look for any lady. For those that are on braids, there are so many creative ways in which you can pack your hair. I personally love searching for and exploring ways I can style my braids. You can also add hair accessories like hair clips and scrunchies for an added flair.

Go Minimalistic On Your Makeup


When you’re just lazy or running out of time and you can’t do a full on makeup look, you can go the minimalist way in doing makeup. Which is not too much, but just right. A little concealer, powder, lip gloss or lipstick can go a really long way in transforming your face and hiding those eye bags and stress lines. Also, it’s great for when you just don’t want to go all out and need something simple. It helps in making you look cute and put together at the same time.

Wear Clothes That Fit


One way to look really good and put together is by simply wearing clothes that fit you. Clothes that are not too big, too small or too tight. Clothes that are just right for your body. Unless it’s baggy tees and sweats, wearing clothes two times your size either bigger or smaller is not a good look at all and it can also make you feel very uncomfortable.

Spice Up Your Outfit


No one says you can’t spice up a normal plain look into chic and cute. Try folding the sleeves of your shirt, or just tucking it in. I love the half tuck for my shirts, or I knot it for an instant crop top. So many ways to spice up your normal hurried outfits so you look cute and put together

Pick The Right Shoes


Aside from your hair, attention is also drawn to your shoes, so when picking your shoes, make sure you select a pair that will instantly elevate your outfit and have you looking really good and put together.

Wear Sunglasses


Sunglasses are so cool and very fashionable that you can never go wrong with them. They always give you that cool factor. Sunglasses also come in handy on your lazy days and the days when you don’t have time to put on makeup at all. They take away the attention from your bare face and also help you hide your eyes most especially if you have under eye bags and stress lines.

Go Monochrome


An easy way to look good and put together effortlessly is by going monochrome. A simple all black or all white outfit will always make you look really good. If you’re brave enough to try bolder colours, the better for you. Monochrome always slays.

So that is it my lovelies. The lazy girl’s guide to looking good and put together without putting in too much effort. Hope you found this helpful ❤.

What do you think of this post? Please drop your comments below…

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