Must Haves For The Harmattan Season

Hello lovelies

The harmattan season is fast approaching and we all need to be well prepared for it. It has already arrived in some places and with it comes the extreme cold, the dust and the early morning fog. As much as I don’t like the dust, I’m actually a bit excited for the harmattan to arrive because the heat these past few days has been unbearable, and because the harmattan means Christmas is closer than ever.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you “must haves for the harmattan season”. These are items that may seem small and insignificant but they are very essential and every one needs to have them in order to have a wonderful harmattan season and a most lovely Christmas.

So read on for your must haves for the harmattan season:



This is a very important accessory of harmattan over here. Once the cold sets in, you need socks/leg warmers to keep your feet warm and cozy. Every year I get a few new pairs of socks just for the harmattan season. They are comfy and also quite stylish as some like to match. This is perfect for harmattan and also winter.



Not everyone likes to wear a beanie but I do. I love beanies and the harmattan season is a perfect time to wear them. I like it for the comfort of gives me. It’s warm, fuzzy and really stylish if you can wear it well. A vital item for both harmattan and winter.



A hair bonnet is a very essential item for the harmattan season. If you don’t wear one regularly now is the time to start. Bonnets protect your hair from the harsh harmattan weather which causes frizz and major hair breakage. Satin hair bonnets are the best for your hair as they help the hair retain it’s moisture. Wear a bonnet regularly even while you’re at home this period for your hair’s protection.

Lip gloss


This is one of my absolute must haves for harmattan. This season is very dry and causes your lips to be dry, dull and cracked. When you have your trusty lip gloss handy, that won’t be a problem at all. I personally like to use chap stick for my lips. Any lip gloss is also fine.

Water Bottle


A water bottle is very important during the harmattan season. Because of the dryness you will feel parched a lot of the time. So keep a water bottle handy with you to stay dehydrated at all times.



Everyone needs to have a jacket or two this season. The weather is chilly and cold so you need a jacket to keep you warm and toasty. Especially in the mornings when the weather is super cold. Always carry a jacket with you for warmth.

Vaseline/ Body oil


If you don’t use any body oil or vaseline, now is the best time to get one. Vaseline is awesome for keeping your skin smooth and soft and so are body oils. The dust and cold can make your skin very dry and dull. The perfect remedy for that is by rubbing oils like coconut oil or olive oil, and Vaseline on your skin to prevent dryness. Creams are OK, but they dry up very fast. Oils and vaseline however keeps your skin soft for a longer period.

What do you think of this post? Please drop your comments below telling me what you think…

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