The Best Skin Care Tips For The Harmattan Season

Hello lovelies

The year is gradually coming to a close and all I can say is whew! what a year. It indeed was a peculiar year especially for us here in Nigeria, and I can not wait for it to be over.

The year is coming to a close which means we are almost in the harmattan season. For those who don’t know, in Nigeria we have 3 seasons; the rainy season, the dry season and the harmattan season.

The harmattan season is the last season of the year which runs from December to January. It’s a bit like winter but without the snow. This means that it’s really cold this period but it doesn’t snow. It’s super dry which I really don’t like because it’s always dusty and your skin is always dry but other than that I love the cold.

The harmattan has a lot of effects on the skin which is more negative than positive especially for people with naturally dry skin, and because of that we need to pay more attention and take extra care of our skin this period.

So today I’ll be sharing some tips you can use this season to have your skin looking it’s best no matter the weather. And the best part is, it’s not just for the harmattan season people, these tips can be used for those of us that have winter in place of harmattan.

So read on for the best skin care tips for the harmattan/winter season

Always Have Lip Gloss/Balm Handy


The weather is going to be super dry which in turn makes your lips very dry. The best way to remedy this is by applying lip gloss or lip balm every time so your lips always stay moist. I love using chap stick for the harmattan season because it’s the best for me. It’s long lasting and keeps my lips soft, and for someone like me that has naturally dry lips, this is the best option. Any lip gloss is also awesome, so always have your favorite lip gloss in your bag at all times. A once a day application is not enough.

Switch From Creams To Oils/Vaseline


The one reason I don’t like the harmattan season is the annoying dryness. Everywhere is always dry and dusty and it makes our skin very dry too. So I’ve learnt to use natural oils to prevent the dryness. For the harmattan season, I use body oils on my skin. It not only nourishes the skin and makes it beautiful, it makes the skin soft, supple and shiny. It prevents dryness of the skin and maintains a lush look. So switch from creams to oils because creams dry up but oils stay longer and are more beneficial to the skin. I also recommend blue seal vaseline for the skin during this period because it can be used a great moisturizer. It’s thick coating works to keep your skin smooth, soft and moist.

Your Hair Bonnet Should Be Your Best Friend


Hair bonnets are very important during the harmattan season. The weather and humidity causes major hair frizz. You literally wake up and your hair looks like you haven’t brushed or put anything in it for a month. That’s how bad it is. The harmattan weather strips your hair off all its moisture, oils and nutrients. Which is why the hair bonnet comes in handy. It is protective and helps your hair retain it’s moisture. Which is why you should always go to bed with your bonnet on, and try to wear it out as much as possible if you can.

Always Stay Hydrated


Dehydration leads to dry and dull skin. Skin therapists have always emphasized the benefits of water. To have fresh and clean looking skin, we need adequate water in our body system. And since harmattan is a period of dryness, we need more water consumption than normal. So always stay hydrated. Drink water all the time to stay hydrated during the harmattan season. Also eat more of water based products like fruits and vegetables.

Don’t Forget To Exfoliate


Exfoliation should not be skipped out in your skin care routine this season. This harmattan season your skin will have dry and dead skin cells that you need to get rid off for a shiny and healthy skin. So try and exfoliate regularly. But don’t do it too much. Twice a week is fine. And don’t forget to moisturize properly afterwards.

Bathe Lukewarm Water In Place Of Cold Water


Anyone who actually bathes cold water this period is a very brave person. I’m not that brave at all. Bathing of cold water this season is not advisable. Bathing cold water in the cold season is not good for your skin. It can cause extra dryness and flakiness. Also hot water is not advisable as it can strip your skin of its natural minerals and oils leaving it looking dull and dry, so the best way to go is lukewarm. Not too cold and not too hot is the perfect remedy for the harmattan season.

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