5 Reasons You Need To Start Wearing A Satin Hair Bonnet

Hello my lovelies

Today we’re talking bonnets people. Satin hair bonnets. I’m pretty sure we all know what bonnets are by now, because who doesn’t?

We all need to take care of our hair and protect it from all kinds of damage. That is why taking protective measures on your hair is very important and vital if you want to have and grow strong, beautiful and healthy hair.

I love bonnets because they are super cute and really stylish. For a long time now, hair bonnets have been the best friend of our moms and aunties. Especially for those keeping natural hair. But in recent times, bonnets have evolved to become a necessity for every girl out there. And just so you know, bonnets are not just for natural hair. Yes, even though it is mostly used by ladies who keep their hair natural, a bonnet is good for each and every hair type because of its awesome benefits on the hair.

And that is what I want to share with you guys today; the benefits of hair bonnets. Because of the fragility and texture of our hair, most especially the natural hair, we need to protect it to avoid damage like breakage and frizz, and the bonnet does just that for us. If you use a hair bonnet like me, you will come to understand the benefits. And for those who don’t, read on to know why you need to start wearing one today.

The best part is that, the hair bonnet is great for every kind of hair, no matter the type or texture. It doesn’t matter your hair type, texture or porosity, we all need to use a bonnet all the time especially at night when we go to bed. Which is why today I’ll be sharing 5 reasons you need to start wearing a hair bonnet:

Prevents Frizz And Hair Loss

One major problem hair we usually with face is frizzy hair, which can be caused by weather conditions and heat. Wearing a bonnet remedies that. A hair bonnet is protective. It protects your hair from harsh weather conditions and prevents frizz. I don’t like waking up with my hair all frizzy and sticking out all over. So if you want to avoid that and loss of your precious hair, you need to start using a bonnet today.

Retains Hair Moisture And Oils

A hair bonnet help retain hair moisture and oils. It gives your hair and locks in the moisture thereby preventing the oils and moisture from escaping which can leave your hair looking very dry and dull. A satin bonnet is the best when it comes to retaining moisture. Because it doesn’t absorb your hair moisture like a silk or cotton bonnet will do. That is why the hair experts recommend a satin bonnet.

Reduces Breakage

I have a serious fear of hair breakage. It’s very heartbreaking and hard to see your hair breaking when your combing or running your hands through it. No jokes. A bonnet helps in preventing this from happening. It protects your hair and keeps it intact. Which is another important reason you need to start wearing a hair bonnet.

Hair Care: Retains Heat For Pre-poo

A hair bonnet comes in very handy when you need to do your hair routine. For those of us who do the whole hair care routine, when you pre-poo, a hair bonnet is the best thing you need to lock in the hair products and retain all the heat and moisture for the best results.

Keeps Your Face From Breaking out

Our face is very sensitive and susceptible to break outs. So in order to have great skin, we need to be careful with the stuff that gets on our faces. And all the products and oils we put on our hair can have adverse effects if it gets on our faces. While we’re sleeping, the products and oils can get on the sheets and pillows which can in turn get on our faces. And not just that, the germs on our hair can also escape from the sheets onto our faces. Which is where a bonnet comes in handy. It keeps such things from escaping from the hair and getting on the sheets and onto our faces while we sleep. The products and germs stay in the hair once you’re wearing a hair bonnet. This in turn protects your face from breakouts.

So that’s it guys. You’ve seen all the wonderful benefits of the bonnet and why you need to start wearing it today. So buy or order one today.

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