Fashion Pieces I Can’t Live Without

Hello lovelies

How’re you all doing? I’ve been down with malaria for some days now, but I’m way better now as I’ve been taking some drugs to fight it, so I’m all good. Even though my lips still have signs of malaria, I’m on the fast road to recovery.

Anyhoo, so I guess we’re done with the Halloween feels and we’re slowly preparing for the colder month of December. I really can’t wait.

Today I’d like to share with you guys fashion pieces that I can’t live without. They are quite impossible to live without because they have come to be so important to me, and I just love them so much.

These are fashion pieces I use on an almost daily basis and which complete most of my outfits.

1. Sneakers


My fashion taste is a bit versatile as I rock both dressy, girly, chic and also comfy. I love comfort and sneakers give me just that on the days I want to be super comfortable, which is like all the time. They are a very important part of my wardrobe and I wear them all the time. I also love buying them so I can have a variety.

2. Handbag/purse

I’m a girl who always has lots of stuff in her bag. When I’m going out there are a lot of things I need which is why I always need to go out with a bag or a purse. For example, I need somewhere to put my phone, charger, power bank, lip gloss, notebook, glasses, pens, sweets and gum, and also my money. So you see why I can’t live without a handbag. I especially love cute little dainty bags. I’m not all that into big bags.

3. Necklace


I love necklaces. I always need to have something round my neck that I can fiddle with from time to time lol. Apart from my apparent love for it, necklaces are cute and are a great fashion accessory. My favorite necklace of the moment is this cute little necklace with a pendant that says I love you in different languages on the inside. I got it at a cheap price from a friend who sells affordable jewelry.

4. Bracelets


Bracelets have a special place in my heart. I’ve been through the phase of wearing lots of bracelets when I was in secondary (high) school. Then, I was always buying a new bangle to add to my collection of traditional bracelets which are common over here. Now I just love bracelets in general. I don’t have a lot anymore but my favorites are charm bracelets.

5. Denim jacket


Denim jacket is something I love adding to my outfit on certain occasions. It just adds this extra touch to an outfit that I love which is why I can’t stay without it. Apart from the fashion looks it gives, it’s a perfect fashion item for the days the weather is a bit chilly or cold. It acts as a protective layer, which is why it’s a fashion piece I can’t live without.

6. Scrunchie


I love scrunchies. I literally have a collection of them. They are cute, useful and a great fashion accessory. I use it to pack my hair all the time and also as a fashion piece. With the kind of hair I have, I like carrying it natural a lot (no weaves or extensions) and scrunchies are the perfect item for me. Also when I do add weaves or extensions, I use it for more beauty. It’s easy to have lots of them because my mom sells them in her salon and I’m always sneaking away one or two. Haha. She always makes me pay for it though.

7. Glasses

For us in the four eyes gang, our glasses is something we cannot live without at all. I was diagnosed with myopia and asthenopia at a very young age, meaning I can’t see far without my glasses and my eyes hurt a lot. So I’ve been wearing glasses for a while. However, my glasses has turned from a mere vision aid into a fashion accessory. And I don’t wear just my medicated glasses, I wear other ones too. My glasses has become a part and parcel of me that I can’t even go anywhere without it. I also need it to read and work on my laptop. I wear glasses with my outfits for a nerdy vibe or a girly, chic look.

8. Hoodies


I just have a personal love for hoodies. I’m always wearing hoodies especially in the cold seasons. It’s a go to cloth for me. Mom wants me to run to the store, I throw on a hoodie. I’m going down the road to get something real quick, I throw on my hoodie. Wanna get comfy at home, I throw on my hoodie. Going out but the weather is chilly, I throw on my hoodie or I carry it just in case. They are so comfortable you can’t just not like them. I’m also always taking my boyfriend’s hoodies that he now buys them with the thought that I’ll definitely take it at the back of his mind. I just can’t resist.

9. Sports bra


Sports bra are an essential part of my fashion style. I wear sports bras for my exercise routines for comfort and also as part of my daily outfits. Sports bras go well with sweatpants, shorts and also denim trousers. They make me look sexy and chic that’s why I love them. Sports bras are a fashion piece I can’t live without.

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