5 Simple Ways To Add Beauty To Your Living Room Instantly

Hello lovelies…

First of all, Happy New Month Everyone

It’s been a while I know. With everything that’s been happening in my country, I’ve been super low in spirit and having bouts of depression and major anxiety. I can’t even count how many times I’ve cried and been scared in the past weeks. We lost so much and yet we didn’t gain anything. But we just have to keep hoping for a change.

I haven’t had the motivation to write anything for some time now. But writing and posting on this blog is something I love so much and which also calms me down and I can’t really stay away from it for too long. So I’m back to writing guys with loads of new content for you. Yay.

Before I go further, I would like to thank each and every one of you who supported this period by leaving me kind words of encouragement, who reached out to me to make sure I and my family are safe and ok, who sent messages to make sure I didn’t break down, and who supported our movement and protests on social media from your various locations. I am super grateful to each and every one of you. I really appreciate and I love you all so much. Thank you so much. We are safe and ok for now. There is still unrest in some parts of the country and some places are on curfew, but we are ok over here in my state. We are still watching to see how things will go.

Anyhoo today I’m here with a new post for you lovely people.

My living room is one place I and my family spend a lot of time in our house and I try as much as possible to make it look nice at all times because that’s where visitors step into and that’s the first impression they get.

Making your living room presentable and looking beautiful is very important not just for visitors but for you too. That’s where a lot of the activities of the day are done so it needs to be conducive and beautiful for you to be comfortable. You don’t need to hire an interior designer or break the bank to make your living room look good. Just a few simple steps and practices will go a long way in changing the look instantly.

Which is why I’ll be sharing with you 5 simple ways to add beauty to your living room instantly.

Adding a touch of greenery


Plants are very beautiful, and aside from adding beauty to your living room, plants are known to add a refreshing aura to any space they are added to. Adding a plant or two adds an instant refresh and beauty to your living room. It can be a flower vase or two, or any other plant of your choice. Put pots in various spots in your living room and watch the space become instantly beautiful.

Putting pretty pictures/frames on the walls


If there’s one thing that is common in living rooms, it’s picture frames on the wall, and it’s easy to see why. Pictures on the wall add a touch of personality and warmth to a living room. It can be pictures of oneself, family, friends, vacation spots, or other abstract pretty pictures. Just arrange them in a nice order on one side of the room or just spread them around the living room.

Reducing your clutter


I don’t like clutter. I never have. I don’t like seeing unnecessary stuff in a room. Like really. Don’t keep stuff you don’t need in your living room. I personally like my living room to be spacy and airy, free of clutter. If you want to add instant beauty to your living room, start by getting rid of clutter and junk. All the things you don’t need, or that don’t need to be in the living room, you get rid of or take it somewhere else. Keep only the essentials. This gives your room more space and makes it look cleaner and more conducive for you and your visitors.

Decorate with artwork


If you love artwork like me, then it won’t be hard to convince you that artwork really enhances the look and appearance of a room. Certain artwork gives me comfort and relaxes me. You can put the frames on the wall for easy viewing, or you can also put various art pieces in strategic points around the living room for an instant beauty. Artwork adds character to a living room, and I can tell you that you will love it.

Utilising natural light


In my opinion, natural light is way better than artificial lighting. Not to totally write off artificial lighting, but there’s just something about natural light that brings instant beauty into a room. That’s why I keep my curtains open all the time to let in the sun rays and also fresh air. It makes your living room so much brighter and also look cleaner. It adds a touch of nature into the room. So I’ll advice you to always keep your curtains open, or to make sure that your living room has enough access to the natural light. This will make your living room instantly beautiful.

What do you think of this post? Please drop your comments below telling me what you think…

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