Cleaning Your Makeup Tools: Brush Edition

Hello lovelies

If you read my previous posts, you’ll know that so many things has been happening both in my family and in my country which has kept me quite occupied and rather unable to write.

But today I’m back with a post that has been sitting in my drafts for sometime now and I finally got around to completing it.

Each and everyone of us who does makeup no matter how little (even if it’s just a swipe of mascara and a teeny bit of concealer) uses makeup brushes. I mean how else would you apply your makeup on right? Most of us who are big time makeup lovers have the entire brush set to flawless application.

But the truth is we at times forget to extend hygienic practices to our makeup tools. We forget to clean out our makeup and clean our brushes which should be an essential part of our beauty routine.

It is very important that we clean our makeup brushes because we literally put it on our faces. And lack of cleaning can lead to build up of dirt and bacteria which can cause acne, rashes and certain skin irritations. You might be doing all you can to avoid breakouts but as long as you use dirty brushes on your face, you can still get bacteria and dirt that causes these skin breakouts.

Frequent cleaning of your makeup brush not only gives you cleaner skin and prevents breakouts, it also gives a flawless makeup application.

The makeup pros advice that we clean our brushes at least once weekly. If you’re someone who uses your brushes more regularly, you should clean your brushes more frequently. So today I’ll share with you how to clean your makeup brushes.

The easiest way to clean your brushes is by using a cleanser made specifically for makeup brushes.

However if you can’t get a brush cleanser, you can clean it yourself with a mild shampoo or soap and by following these very simple steps:

  • Dip each brush under running water and then into a bowl of your cleanser or soap of choice,
  • Gently massage the bristles of the brush with your palm and make sure you touch every part including the handles,
  • Place it back under the water to rinse the lather off. Make sure everything is gone,
  • Squeeze the water off the brush with a clean towel,
  • Place the brushes on a dry towel and let them dry. The towel will absorb the moisture from the brushes.

Voila! Your makeup brushes are clean.

Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid skin breakouts and irritations. It should be a very important part of your makeup routine.

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