Little Update

Hey guys

I know I’ve not dropped a post for sometime now. I just haven’t been in the best state of mind to write anything. I lost my uncle this past Sunday (the second one to die in a space of two months), and then my mom had an accident on her way back from bringing his body home to our state. So my family has been in a mess and I’ve just been really unhappy and I just need time to grieve and gather my thoughts and I’ll be back to writing posts once I’m able to actually get myself to write.

My mom is ok. She just needs time to rest and we’re all here to take care of her.

It’s a really trying period for us because we just buried the most senior child of my grandparents in August and now we’ve lost another. And we are a close knit family so it hurts a lot.


The government of my country has finally given the OK for schools and universities to resume, which means my university will be resuming anytime from now and I’ll be occupied with school work and more reading. Meaning I won’t be posting as regularly as I do now. Law is a time consuming course that demands a lot of time and attention and since we’ve been out of school for months there will be an intense pressure to meet up and make up for lost time. But I’ll be posting, at most twice a week and a bonus update whenever I have the time.

I just really hope you all understand and bear with me. I will be back to updating soon and I love you all so much for the constant support. ❤❤❤

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