Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!! (5 Things I Love About My Country)

Hello lovelies

First of all, Happy New Month and welcome to October my lovelies… It’s official Spooky month 👻👻.. And secondly It’s Independence Day people!!!

On the First Of October, 1960, my beautiful country Nigeria gained independence from Great Britain and finally became a sovereign state. Today is marking 60 years of freedom from our colonial masters.

I just want to wish all of my fellow Nigerians home and abroad a happy Independence Day.

This great country has come so far and I just want each and every one of us to recognise that. We are not where we should be and as a country we still have a very very long way to go in terms of development but we have come so far and I know someday Nigeria will be the country we envision it to be.

So today in celebration of our independence, I’ll like to do something special and share with you a few things I love about my country….

Yaaaaaay! So here goes…

The Food

I love food, and Nigerian food has a special place in my heart. Our traditional food is amazing. We have different tribes and over 250 ethnic groups and each of these groups has food peculiar to them. Which means Nigeria has a variety of native foods for everyone to choose from. For my native tribe the Ijaw, we have KKF (kekefiayi), Kirigina, plantain and pepper soup and a host of others. Food from other tribes include Amala, Edikainkong soup, Tuwo Shinkafa, akara, moimoi, ewedu, egusi soup, banga soup, suya, kilishi, . And then we have the most famous jollof rice which Nigerians have mastered the art of preparing. I just love Nigerian food.

The Music Industry

The Nigerian entertainment industry is one of the biggest in the world, and the Music Industry is one with international acclaim. We have so many talented musicians. With the likes of international superstars like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Fela, TuFace, Lagbaja, Olamide, Patoranking and the likes of Simi, Johnny Drille, Adekunle Gold etc…, Nigerian music is slowly taking over the international stage. And the music is just so amazing. With amazing and engaging beats that makes you want to dance, and lyrics that speak to your soul, you can’t not love Nigerian music.

The Culture And Traditions

Due to the many diverse tribes and ethnic groups, Nigeria is rich in culture and traditions. From the Yoruba to the Igbo, the Hausa, Ijaw, Urhobo, TIV, Isoko, Ogbias, and the rest amazing groups, each has customs and traditions peculiar to them and it is always fun getting to meet new people and learning their ways of life. Their dressing patterns, their eating habits, their courtesy and respect culture, the languages and music types. It’s all so exciting and I just love getting to know more about my country each day.

The Nigerian Spirit

I didn’t really know how to phrase the heading. The Nigerian Spirit is something that is evident in all Nigerians. Nigerians are generally known to be very proud people and I agree, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. At all. Nigerians are proud but they have every reason to be. We have beautiful people, intelligent people, talented people, great food, a rich cultural heritage and a beautiful country. We are very hardworking, studious game changers. Wherever Nigerians go they sound their hand (Make Nigeria proud). In the educational sector, the music and entertainment sector, the scientific and medical sector, every other sector. Nigerians are very brilliant people and are making waves and headlines. across the globe. Though there are negative views and opinions about the country, but we don’t let that deter us. Even though we have so many bad things in our country try, with the most prominent being corruption, we still fly high and out the country on the global map. That fighting and confident spirit is one thing I admire a lot in my country people.

The Fashion Industry

Though I won’t deny that the modern Nigerian fashion is greatly influenced by the Western world, it is still peculiar and has a touch of Nigerian swag. Nigerians are known everywhere as savvy fashionistas. From the men to the women, we never disappoint when the occasion calls for it. From street style to red-carpet and casual wear, we dress to kill. Nigerian celebrities are known as one of the most stylish and I just love how Nigerians set the bar in fashion especially in Africa. And I love the fact that when dressing, Nigerians never forget their roots. It’s always a blend of African and modern. The African/Nigerian touch is always visible in our outfits. And then we have super talented designers that are slowly making their way into the international scene with their brilliant designs which never fail to impress.

If I were to write about all of the things I love about Nigeria I’m pretty sure I’ll write till tomorrow so I picked just 5 out of my list to share today.

What I want to say is I love my country so much and I am so proud to be a Nigerian.

I know there is room for much improvement but I know we are getting there and someday we will have the Nigeria of our dreams.

To my followers and readers from other countries all over the world, I hope this gives you a bit of insight about the country Nigeria and it’s people. Maybe one day I’ll do a more comprehensive post on Nigeria and it’s people where I’ll share facts, myths and truths and some other interesting things about the country. Thank you for reading and celebrating with us 💓.

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