3 Stylish Fall Layering Options To Keep You Warm This Fall

Hello lovelies

It’s sweater weather (I just love saying that) and fall fashion has begun. Everyone is bringing out their fall fashion game and I just love to see the outfits and different fall colours (online of course).

But while pairing your outfits in the spirit of fall, you must also consider the weather and wear clothes that will also keep the chills away. And that is why you must layer your clothes.

So today I’m going to be sharing layering options that will keep you warm and also stylish and looking good at the same time.

As much as the weather is chilly and you want to keep warm, you don’t want to over layer. Over layering can have you feeling heavy and also make you feel very hot instead of warm. So these options are thick but light at the same time.

Jacket over a thick hoodie

Jackets and hoodies are very prominent during fall, and pairing them together gives you a just right outfit. On days the hoodie isn’t enough, add on a jacket for that extra warmth. This can be a trench coat, a denim jacket or a leather jacket. This layering style is also very stylish as can be seen below…

Sweater over a long sleeve shirt

Sweater is the ultimate fashion go to for fall. It’s warm and comfy and can be layered over anything. For a light and comfortable temperature, style your jacket over a long sleeve shirt. This is super stylish and can also be worn to work

The vest touch

Vests are awesome and the best time to wear a vest is fall. Vests don’t really do much protecting but are just perfect and right for a not too chilly weather. And what’s more, it adds an extra flair to your outfit. Try styling your vests as seen below and your outfit will really stand out.

And those are stylish layering options for you to try this fall.

Disclaimer: All of these pictures were gotten from Pinterest.

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