10 Natural Hair Mistakes To Avoid For Newbies

Hello lovelies

If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you’ll know that I keep my hair natural. Meaning I have not used a relaxer or any chemical products on my hair. It is all natural. I didn’t do the big chop like most people do. Instead I transitioned my hair, and then I cut the whole top off (like literally half of my hair). My hair is 2years+ now and I absolutely love it, and I love my hair journey so far.

It’s been fun exploring my hair options, watching the growth, trying out natural products and homemade remedies for my hair. If you’re also keeping your hair natural, I’m sure you can understand and relate to what I’m saying.

So today I’ll be sharing some mistakes to avoid if you just started your natural hair journey. Whether or not you took the bold step and did the big chop or you transitioned like me, at this beginning stage, you might get frustrated with your hair (don’t let anyone deceive you, it is not easy to take care of your natural hair, but you can do it) and get tired and give up, or you might want to try a lot of things to induce fast growth or get upset seeing others hair and end up hating your own.

So to have a beautiful journey with your hair, try as much as possible to avoid these mistakes that I’m going to share below. And if you’ve already started making some or any of them, it’s not too late to stop now.

Expecting your hair to grow super fast

This is one thing that every newbie expects. I also did too. If you just made the big chop, or just started transitioning your hair, you should not expect that your hair will grow overnight and look like those that have been keeping theirs for years. It’s a slow but a very worth it process. It won’t happen at once. It takes time and nurturing for your hair to grow and look really beautiful. You just have to be very patient with your hair and the growth process.

Using products with chemicals

The whole idea of keeping your hair natural is not using chemical products on your hair. Chemicals can damage the texture or growth of your hair. Avoiding them totally is the best thing for anyone keeping natural hair. The main reason why I decided to go natural is because I used a lot of chemical products to straighten my hair all the time, and it got to a point I just hated how my hair looked. So I decided to let it go, and embrace my natural mane. Even if it’s a product that they try to convince you has the tiniest bit of chemical and will be good for your hair, don’t use it. Use only natural products (that is products made from natural ingredients and plants).

Trying everything you see online

This is something I did a lot when I started my natural hair journey. I was always going on Google researching on how to take care of my hair, and also watching videos on YouTube. I saw a whole lot of things and got a whole bunch of advice online. I started trying out everything I saw. It got to a point I was confused on whether my hair was actually improving and growing. Yes it’s good to research, but trying out everything you see is a BIG NO. Not everything online is helpful. One person will say do this, another will say do that (both totally contradictory). You need to be able to filter through the jumble and take the important stuff. Connect with your hair and know what is good for it. Somethings will damage your hair and you don’t want that. So do not try everything you see online on your hair.

Buying every product you see for your hair

Some people have a habit of buying any natural hair product they see at the store. As long as it says for natural hair, they buy it. I actually have a friend who used to do this a lot. People like that have a whole lot of hair products on their counter at home, half of which they don’t even use because there is only so much you can use. Basically they waste their money. The solution is to stop buying any and every product. I myself I like trying out new stuff on my hair, and you can too. It’s fun and exciting seeing the different ways you can experiment and treat your hair. However, not every product is for your hair. Every hair is different and has different needs. First of all, you need to know the kind of hair you have, before you will know how to take care of it. Some products that aren’t for your type of hair will damage it instead of improving it. So you need to be careful on the products you buy and stop splurging on everything.

Not taking care of your hair like you should

Your hair is very delicate people. And taking care of natural hair is not easy, but you need to try your very best. Have a hair care regimen that you follow religiously. Frequently wash your hair. Don’t forget to condition and prepoo. Treat your hair regularly. Use hair masks and hair oils. You should take care of your hair the way you take care of your skin. Your hair is like a baby and as such needs constant care and attention. Don’t just abandon it and expect it to grow long, thick and beautiful.

Not allowing your hair room to breathe

A lot of ladies don’t give their hair room to breathe. Meaning, they don’t allow their hair time to rest before making a new one. If you just took off extensions or weave-ons, you should give your a little time to rest before making a new one. A period where you just leave it out, or weave it. It gives your hair time to repair damages or breakage due to making it, while also allowing it to grow. You can use that time to add treatments, wash, put hair masks and every other thing in your hair care regimen.

Not doing protective hairstyles

Natural hair is very fragile and susceptible to weather. It is highly breakable and easily damaged. Extreme heat or cold can damage your hair, so to avoid that, protective hairstyles are your go to. In a neutral weather period, you can do any hairstyle you want. But when the seasons start changing and you’re going into a period of intense heat or cold, make protective styles to prevent your hair from getting frizzy, damaged, or breaking. There are a lot of protective hairstyles that you can do on your hair (play around and have fun), and I’ll be sure to make a post on that soon.

Not sleeping with a bonnet

A hair bonnet is a must have item for every one keeping natural hair. Hair bonnets promote hair growth, it helps to extend the life of hairstyles. It also prevents frizz while you sleep and stops your hair from breaking. Despite the type of hair you have, a hair bonnet will help you maintain a healthy and luscious hair. A hair bonnets helps your hair retain moisture which in turn prevents dryness. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase robs your hair of its moisture as cotton naturally absorbs moisture. Meaning you will wake up with split ends, breakage and very dry hair. Which is why sleeping with a bonnet on every night is very important. However, not any bonnet is good. A silk or satin bonnet is the best. Also, make sure to not wear an overly tight bonnet. Your hair needs space and room inside of the bonnet. A tight bonnet can damage your hair, so be very careful when choosing a hair bonnet. Make sure to start sleeping with a bonnet from now on.

Letting people who don’t keep or know the first thing about natural hair handle your hair

I never let someone who doesn’t know how to care for natural hair touch my hair. If I go to a new salon, the first question I ask the stylist who will attend to me is “can you handle natural hair”, or “do you have experience with natural hair”. Not to be saucy or anything, but my hair is very delicate and I won’t let just anyone touch it. People without experience with natural hair won’t know the proper way to handle and care for it. Natural hair needs extra care and attention to avoid damage or breakage. I’ve had an experience with someone who didn’t know how to handle natural hair. She was combing my hair so aggressively and without care. She didn’t even think to wet the hair (and I didn’t go with a spray bottle that day). It hurt so bad and my hair started pulling out. I got so mad and left the salon and went to another where someone else made the hair. To avoid situations like this, make sure to enquire in any salon you go to. Or better yet, have just one trusted stylist who will be making your hair for you.

Comparing your hair to that of others

In this world and age of social media, it’s very easy to get sucked in and lost in the virtual world. You go on instagram and Pinterest and you see all these girls and women with hair that seems so pretty unreal, and you want that. It’s not bad to want that, but the issue is comparing yourself to them. First of all, most of them have groomed their hair for years (even from birth), and you are just starting out. Secondly, some is as a result of great hair in their genes. When I started my hair journey, I would go online and see all these amazing hair. And I’d start wishing my hair could be like that. At a point I got discouraged because it seemed like mine wasn’t getting anywhere, and theirs look way more beautiful. But I later came to understand that everyone is different and so are our hair, and I came to love my hair. My hair and yours aren’t the same. It can’t grow at the same pace. Some will grow faster than others. Some will be thicker and more voluminous than others. Some will be longer than others. And some will be more shiny than others. All you have to do is focus on your own hair, take what you need from the internet and be consistent in your hair care and someday your hair will be where you want it to be. So stop comparing your hair to that of others and love yours. Your hair is unique and special and it will grow at its own pace. All you need to do is be consistent. Don’t forget that consistency is one of the keys to having great hair.

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