Product Review: Kiss Beauty BB Foundation & Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder

Hello lovelies

I’ve decided to be trying out new products more frequently and dropping reviews here. And I got the perfect opportunity to get some when a local vendor was passing by few days ago with makeup products.

I decided to try out products I haven’t used before, so I chose two products from Kiss Beauty and Jordana. I’m familiar with Kiss Beauty as I’ve used their products before, but this is my first time using or even hearing of Jordana makeup.

The products were very cheap and within my budget (the two products didn’t even cost up to $10) so I was very happy with my purchase. The question was whether I’ll be happy with the products.

The products I chose are: Kiss Beauty BB Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation in 3 and Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder in Shade 09 Warm Amber.

Kiss Beauty BB Even Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation

The first thing that attracted me to this foundation is the packaging. I have a soft spot for products that are eye catching and packaged really well, so when I saw the packaging, I instantly fell in love.

The product

The foundation is actually what I expected from it. I’ve used it a few times and I actually like the result. Application is very easy because of the way the bottle is shaped. It isn’t heavy on the coating and it’s very easy to blend. I tend to avoid foundations that are extremely thick and hard to blend because I don’t like heavy makeup. They come out all cakey and give me a weird look. This foundation gives a very natural look and is perfect for a natural makeup look day. For days you want to go easy on the makeup, I recommend using this foundation.

However, the coverage isn’t a 10. I’ve been breaking out on my face due to the weather over here, and it didn’t do a thorough job of covering everything up. The good thing is they have shades for various skin tone so I’m sure you can find the one that suits your skin perfectly. All in all, I’ll give the foundation an 8 and I recommend it.

You can get the product here.

Jordana Perfect Pressed Powder

This is my first time using a Jordana product and I was a bit sceptical of the outcome, but since I’ve decided to be trying out new products, I felt why not? Now’s a good time as any. I did a little research on the brand and saw that they are a Los Angeles based makeup brand with really cheap products all under $10. The packaging is fairly decent and not all that eye catching, but it’s OK.

The product

I love, love this face powder. I’ve used it once with the Kiss Beauty foundation and the result was amazing. It really complimented my skin tone (which isn’t easy to come by. It’s either too light or too dark). The texture is very good and the coverage is a 10. It made up for what the foundation didn’t cover. It made my face feel really smooth and very neat. It gives the flawless finishing that every lady desires from a face powder.

I recommend this face powder for anyone who is looking for a cheap but quality product. (I’ll be trying out more of Jordana’s products. For a cheap price, the quality is actually quite good)

Shop Jordana products here

These reviews are honest and entirely from my experience using the products.

What do you think? Have you used any of these products before? Which new makeup products have you purchased recently? Please drop your comments and thoughts below. Don’t forget to like, follow and subscribe to this blog for updates on new posts. Love you 💓.

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