Movie Review: Hotel Del Luna

Hello lovelies

It’s movie day. Today I’m going to give a review of a series I just finished watching last week. It’s a Korean series called Hotel Del Luna. (Major spoilers ahead!)

I’ve always loved Korean movies right from when they became the rave. I’ve been hooked from the Boys Before Flower Days and I’ve not looked back.

So talking about Hotel Del Luna, I first found out about the series the week before last while I was watching random videos on youtube and I came across a snippet of it. Immediately I saw IU as the lead, I became interested because she’s one actress that owns a huge space in my heart. Her performance In Moon Lovers was splendid and I knew this wasn’t going to be any different.

So I did a little research and found out the series actually started and ended last year and the reviews online were all positive so I decided to download the episodes. It has 16 episodes each over an hour long.

Summary of the series

The series follows the story of Jang Man (IU) and Ku Chan Seong (Yeo Jin-goo). Due to a crime Jang Man committed a millennia ago, her soul was bound to the Guest House Of The Moon (A hotel that caters to dead people, and can only be seen by ghosts and a few select humans). The deity MaGo who bound her did it to teach her a lesson and to help her learn to let go of the hatred and hurt she harbours in her heart due to a supposed betrayal from someone she trusted. But over the course of the years, she only became more ill tempered and vain. Until she gets a new human manager Ku Chan Seong, who slowly tears down her walls, curbs her bad extravagant lifestyle and teaches her to let go of the past and learn to love again.


I absolutely love, love the series. From the first episode, it hooked me till the last. From the plot, the acting, the characters and their development. Everything was just splendid. It’s a blend of a traditional Korean movie and the modern Korean movie, because Jang Man was born in the Joseon era. The most amazing part was Jang Man’s transformation in the series.

1. Pain: Jang Man was just a heart broken girl who took out her anger the wrong way and got punished for it. Her heart was filled with hatred due to the betrayal she witnessed, however, she genuinely secretly cares for those around her. Over the one thousand years she was been around her only wish was to meet the reincarnation of the person who betrayed her, destroy him and have her soul destroyed by the deity MaGo (because it’s a sin for spirits to kill humans) until she meets Ku Chan Seong who helps her let go and fall in love.

2. Loyalty: I love the fact that despite the many atrocities that Jang Man committed before and after he met her (because she’s one crazy person), the human Ku Chan Seong loyally stayed by her side till the end and finally sends her off to the afterlife as the deities wanted. Another set of people that showed loyalty till the end were her ghost workers who also stayed by her side no matter how many times she flipped and insulted them (granted she was way older than them). Even though they each had personal reasons for not leaving to the after life.

3. Love: The love that blossomed between Jang Man and Ku Chan Seong was very beautiful to watch. Even though they both knew they couldn’t be together till the end. Jang Man was a spirit and needed to go to the after life at a point, and spirits and humans can’t be together. They still took a chance and she was able to experience real love before she was sent off. This is also visible in the relationship between the ghost worker Hyun-Joong and the human girl Soo-Jung. She loved him, but had to let him go to the after life so he can find peace. This shows that even if it’s not convenient or you have no idea how things will turn out, you just need to take a leap of faith and enjoy the moment. Even if it ends badly, cherish the moments you had while it lasted.

4. Letting go: The series portrayed very well the fact that to find peace, you need to let go. A grudge that Jang Man harboured for a thousand years that kept her from experiencing happiness and finding peace, she finally learnt to let it go with the help of Ku Chan Seong.

5. Sorrow: I may or may not have cried at the scenes where all the ghost workers left to the after life one after the other after settling their grudges. These were people that had been by her side for over 500 years and seeing her sad and crying (in secret, because she likes keeping a strong front) while they were leaving was really touching and got me emotional. The most emotional part was when Ku Chan Seong had to send her off to the afterlife. You can never get over sending away the one you love. I really shed tears. He was crying, she was crying and I was in front of my laptop also crying (don’t judge me, I’m very emotional)

6. Fashion: IU’s fashion in the series is to die for. She always wears outfits that automatically attracts attention. Her outfits are a blend of classy, sophistication and garish. She gives off the vibe of I’m classy but I’m also a dark queen and I can destroy you if I want to. She dresses like the true CEO she is and never disappoints. Sometimes she changes like 3 times in a day. And she usually says her outfits match her mood.

My Take

This series is very interesting, hooking and holds you captive from the first episode to the last. I give it a 10. At first I was a bit worried, because I thought they would find a way to maneuver and give Ku Chan Seong and Jang Man a happy ending. I felt that would have ruined the whole purpose of the movie. She’s a spirit after all so I didn’t see a way out of it. She had to go to the afterlife to find peace. I was very happy when I watched the ending and saw that they let everything take the full course of life. It shows that not everyone gets a beautiful happy ending. Sometimes we just get to experience love and joy for a while and get a bittersweet ending. But the beautiful thing is, she let go of all the hurt and hatred she had and went off to find peace like she deserves.

I would totally recommend this series to anyone. And if you are already a K-drama fan, I guarantee you will love it. It will keep you hooked with laughter at Jang man’s character, tricks and hot temper. The scenes where she butts heads with Chan Seong are my favorite (like when he stops her from getting unnecessary things like new cars and clothes). If you have the time, or need a new series to watch, then check out Hotel Del Luna.

(Download season 1 episode 1)

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