Fall Fashion Must Haves

Hello lovelies

So I’ve been on a tiny little break. I needed time to rest, so I took the time out to plan, evaluate and brainstorm ideas for MissBluw and now I’m back with more content for you guys.

So it’s fall season pumpkins (see what I did there😉), and fall is just one season I love. Not hot and not too cold. Just right in the middle of chill. And what’s more, halloween is right by the corner people. So it’s a really lovely period for me.

Today I’m gonna be sharing fall fashion must haves. These are pieces that are very necessary for the season and weather and which will be very prominent from now. They are pieces that have probably been stuffed in the dark corners of your closet and need rescuing. And if you don’t have some or any of these pieces, then you need to purchase them. They are very essential if you want to slay and make fashion statements this fall.

Some of these pieces are capsule/basic fall pieces so you can use them as the base to curate complete fall outfits.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are perfect for less chilly fall days and nights outings. Adding a leather jacket to an outfit not only helps keep away the chills, it also makes for a good fall outfit.


Flannels are a fall essential. A flannel comes in really handy for the hotter fall days. They are warm, cozy and very comfortable. A flannel goes with just itself or paired with a cute tee. Fall fashion isn’t complete without a couple flannels thrown in the mix.

Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan

Oh the comfort just thinking about these. You know those really chilly days when you have errands to run and need something super comfy and stylish to wear, yes, those are the days the chunky cardigans were made for. A chunky cardigan, jean trousers and sneakers is the perfect fall look for the weather.

Trench Coats

You can’t talk about fall fashion and not mention trench coats. This is the period where ladies get to over indulge in trench coats. Not only are they really stylish and cool, they protect from the cold weather. My favorite way to style the trench coat is with skinny jeans and boots.

Turtle Neck Knit Sweater

I’ve always loved turtle neck, and this is the perfect time to wear my turtle necks. And what’s more perfect than turtle necks? Turtle neck knit sweaters! This is a fall staple every lady should have in her wardrobe.

Long Sleeve Chic Sweaters

For me, long sleeve chic sweaters are for lazy days at home. They are perfect for curling up at home for an indoor day. Doesn’t mean you can’t style it for an outing. Style it with jeans or tucked into a skirt and pair with booties and you have an awesome outfit for the day.


Am I the only one who thinks fall is plaid season? I don’t think so. It’s fall people, break out all your plaid clothes, and if you don’t have, this is the perfect time to invest in some. Plaid skirts in particular are a must have for fall fashion. There are endless ways you can wear plaid this season.

Boots (Ankle/Thigh High)

Boots are like the holy grail of fall. One of the main reasons I love fall is the boots. Boots is one of the most common fashion pieces of fall. Ankle boots, thigh high boots, mid heel boots all are in for the season. And what’s really super about boots is the endless ways we can style it. Boots literally go with all fall pieces which makes it a very important fall fashion staple.

Chic Coats

Fall isn’t fall without coats. Chic, comfy and stylish, coats make fall fashion really trendy. A coat will automatically switch up any outfit, and they are one of the most welcome fashion piece during the fall. Throw a coat over any outfit and watch as you make fall come alive. It also keeps away the cold in a stylish way.

Light Jeans

Jeans are an all year fashion staple, and fall season isn’t any different. Jeans pair right with any fall fashion piece (sweaters, coats, sneakers, boots) and can be styled up in different ways.

Comfy Shoes (Sneakers, Mules)

Fall season is all about comfort, and I am here for it. Heeled boots may not be appropriate at all times, and that’s where sneakers and mules come in. They are very essential for the fall season when you desire comfort.

Fall Accessories: Hats And Scarves

Outfits aren’t complete without accessories. And for fall, the perfect accessories are hats and scarves to complete the fall look.

So there you have it lovelies. What do you think of this post? What do you think should be added to this list? Please drop your comments below.

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