Marriages And Ankara: What I Wore To A Traditional Marriage

Hello lovelies

I attended a wedding! Yay!

I sound so excited, but it’s just that I haven’t attended a wedding for so long. I think the last wedding I attended was like two years ago.

I don’t really know why, but I’ve just never been available for a wedding for some time. But anyway, I finally attended one on Saturday. It was my cousins wedding so I had to be there, and it was really amazing. This wasn’t actually a wedding, but a traditional marriage (it’s done according to our traditions and customs, as opposed to a wedding in a church with a gown and all that). In Nigeria, we do a wedding in a church(which is optional), but we also have to do a traditional marriage. So my cousin did a court wedding, and the traditional marriage which is what I attended.

I got to meet family members I hadn’t seen in a long time, met other cousins, connected with family, ate good food, danced and just had a good time. It’s something I haven’t done in a while, so I’m really glad I went. I took a few pictures and I wanted to share them with you guys.

So I wore an Ankara two piece dress, popularly known as up and down over here. It’s a trouser and top set which was made by a really talented tailor. I absolutely love my outfit because I think it’s really beautiful and it compliments my figure and suits me really well.

For accessories, I wore a new pair of silver earrings I just got a day before the wedding and a silver clutch I’ve had for a while. I paired it with a pair of pink and silver Prima Donna heels I got as a gift from an aunt recently to match the outfit which features pink stripes.

My hair was in braids, made by a talented hairdresser in my moms salon (Metro Beauty Mart). I did my makeup myself, I tried as much as possible to keep it minimal. (I didn’t use concealer, but the Alter foundation and face powder I used did a really good job in covering up the acne that has started resurfacing on my face). Full list of makeup products I used will be dropped below.

I and a few cousins of mine…

List of makeup products I used

  • Eye pencil: I used Airmain’s Eye liner
  • Foundation: Alter
  • Face powder: Alter face powder and Kiss Beauty Super Insta Ready powder
  • I used the Charmlook 37 colours 6 in 1 Palette. It has 24 Eyeshadow Colors, Contour, Powder, Blush, Bronzer and 6 Lipgloss colours.
  • False lashes: Red Cherry lashes. I chose the shortest one because I didn’t want it making me uncomfortable while I’m wearing my glasses.

So that’s it for my outfit and look. Please drop your comments below telling me what you think of my outfit and overall look.

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