Building A Makeup Capsule: Must Have Makeup Products

Hello lovelies.

Today we’re gonna be talking makeup. I know most ladies love makeup, and want to do their makeup all the time but have no idea where to start from. Makeup can be really tricky, and you need to have all the important items and products in order for your look to come out flawless.

We don’t want the whole obvious done by a beginner or half done makeup look. So today, I’m gonna be sharing with you guys the items you need for a makeup capsule, and for a clean and beautiful look. These items are a must have for those who want to have a capsule makeup bag or set, those who just want to be doing everyday simple looks, or for those who want to start doing makeup but have no idea the items they need for a start.

These products work well to give you any look you desire. Whether it’s a look for the office, an every day basic look or a party/event look, with these makeup items, your capsule set is ready.

So if you’re a beginner just going into makeup, or you want to build a capsule makeup set, then this post is for you.


Every lady needs a mirror, and not just those who are into makeup. For makeup, you need a mirror to see exactly what you’re doing. Without a mirror guiding you, your makeup will come out all smudgy and un-neat. So a mirror is a very important item for your capsule.

Eyeshadow palette

Your eye shadow palette is one the most important items in your capsule. The eyes is one of the best part of your makeup, and your eyeshadow really makes your makeup stand out. No matter how many colors, your eye shadow has to be on point, meaning you need to have an eye shadow palette with various colors that can be used to achieve different looks.

Brow pencil

Talking about eyes, your eye brow has to be on point also. Drawing my brow perfectly has to be one of my biggest challenges. However, once you have a good brow pencil, it won’t be much of a challenge to you.

Brush set

If you don’t have a brush set, then how do you apply your makeup? You need quality makeup brushes so your application will be smooth. A good brush set has the brushes for the brow, blush, foundation, powder, eye shadow etc.


A good primer sets the base for the makeup. It also acts as a barrier between the skin and the makeup to avoid the makeup products clogging the pores of the face.


Foundation is very necessary as it also acts as a base for the makeup and smoothens the face. A good foundation will determine how the makeup turns out at the end.


You need your concealer to hide all those eye bags, zits and unplanned for black heads and acne. That makes it a very essential product.

Face powder

Face powder sets the makeup and adds the finishing touches. Face powder is also essential on days where you don’t want to do heavy makeup. Face powder comes in handy on days where you don’t wanna do foundation or concealer, just to brighten your face.


Mascara is usually the first thing most girls buy when starting their makeup journey. Mascara gives your eye lashes a longer, thicker, smoother and prettier look. For those who don’t apply false lashes, you need mascara to make your lashes look very pretty. Pretty lashes complete any look.

Beauty blender/sponge

Once you’ve put on your foundation or concealer, you need a beauty sponge to properly blend it in for a flawless finish. Imagine going out with your makeup looking all cakey and scattered. Quite embarrasing right? Which is why you need a blender to blend in your makeup so even if you’re a beginner its not too obvious.

Eye liner

Eye liner is important for makeup. In order to achieve the perfect cat eyes or smokey eyes you love, you need to apply eye liner to complete the look. Very essential for your capsule set.

Lip balm

Lip balms are best for moisturizing the lips. Just have a lip balm or two in your makeup capsule just in case you need to use it on certain occasions. Lip balms are super easy to make and you can actually make yours by yourself.

Lip stick

I don’t even need to stress on this much. We all know that lip stick is a very important part of makeup. You need at least three different colors for different looks. Some of the most popular colors are red, pink, orange and purple.

Lip gloss

I love lip gloss so much. It’s basically one of the things I can’t live without. Every lady needs lip gloss in her capsule. Not everyday you’ll want to put on lip stick. Some days a glossy lip is best, and a lip gloss comes in handy on such days. Lip gloss also moisturizes your lips which is a plus.


I’ve never really been a blush person, but most people love using blush to make their cheeks pop.

Face wipes

Face wipes are essential. You need them to clean off your makeup at the end of every day. Also, you clean your face before putting on makeup in order to have a clean slate before applying your makeup on.

Setting spray

Setting spray adds the finishing touches to your makeup. On sunny days or on days where you need your makeup to last for a long period of time, what you need is setting spray to make it last longer without it breaking or getting smudged.

All of these products can be gotten over the counter, online or in makeup stores. Just make sure you get really good products of great quality.

What do you think of this post? What do you think should be added to this list? Please drop your comments below.

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