5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hello lovelies.

Today I’d like to share with you guys 5 things I literally cannot do without. These are things that go everywhere with me in my bag or purse, no matter where I’m headed. They are very important to me and a part of my daily lifestyle.

They are things that I need with me in order for me to have a smooth day.

My phone

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First on the list obviously has to be my cellphone. Lol. My mom usually says I’m obsessed with my phone. Like I’m always on my phone, and then she’d go like, what are you always doing on your phone? And I’d be like important stuff. My phone is very important to me. I blog and write with my phone most of the time, when my laptop isn’t available. Also, when I’m out and a new idea just pops into my head, I quickly put it down. Also, I read books with my phone (Yep, I’m a Wattpad and Anybooks girl), and I communicate with my friends on social media with my phone. I listen to songs with my phone, I also watch movies with my phone sometimes. These are just a few of the stuff I do with my phone. My phone is one of the most important things I own, and I would be very disorganized without it, which is why I can’t live without it.

My earpiece

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If there’s one thing I’m very particular about people tampering with, it’s my earpiece. I’m a music person. Music calms me down, it makes me happy and also sets my mood for different occasions. I like relaxing, putting on my earpiece and just listening to music. I listen to music all the time; like when I’m cooking, cleaning, washing, reading, even on the road (which my mom absolutely hates and warns me against all the time). I just love listening to music, which won’t be possible without my trusty earpiece. So I try as much as possible to keep it safe from harm, because the periods I’ve been without an earpiece were really annoying and I always have to go get new ones.

My glasses

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For someone with poor eyesight, my glasses are of utmost importance to me. I was diagnosed with myopia and Asthenopia at a very young age, and have been wearing glasses for a long time. Myopia means I’m short sighted and can’t see far. This is very problematic for me especially in school when I can’t see the board clearly without it. Or on the road when I can’t see beyond a very close distance. Which is why I always have my glasses on or in my bag for when I’d need it. I remember when my first glasses broke and I had to go without glasses for a while. I was always squinting my eyes and struggling to see clearly. I also started experiencing eye strain and severe pains. So my glasses are something I really can’t do without.

Lip gloss

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I have super sensitive lips that are easily prone to dryness, which often times leads to breakage and injury. Meaning that my lips always have to be moist at all times. Because whenever it’s dry, it can crack and start peeling. So I always need to have my lip gloss handy to soften them whenever the need arises. So my lip gloss is always in my pocket or my purse. I can’t be without it or go anywhere without it. Though if I apply enough, I can go out and come back before I’ll need to apply again.

My notebook

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By my notebook, I mean the book where I jot down all of my thoughts and ideas, also known as my blogging notebook. It’s basically where I pen down all of my ideas and thoughts. Anything related to my daily routine, lifestyle, my blog and every other thing goes in there. Whenever I have a burst of inspiration I quickly pen it down so I don’t forget and I can go back to it later. I keep it handy with me at all times, because you never know when a new idea can hit you, or when you need to write down important information for future reference.

What are the things you can’t live without? Please drop your comments below.

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