4 Ways To Style The Little Black Dress

Hello lovelies.

Today I want to share with you guys 4 ways in which you can style your little black dresses. It’s something I’m sure almost every lady has at least one of in her wardrobe or box.

The little black dress is a staple fashion piece and has been so for years now. It’s something that can be easily worn and styled to suit any occasion or outing. Whether business, casual or party, a black dress can be styled to fit the occasion.

It can also be worn to suit any weather. For those in summer, and for us over here in the rainy season, the black dress can be worn in both weathers.

Because of the rainy season in this part, I have been wearing more of my black dresses, paired with the right pieces because of the cold. However with the weather slowly easing into the August break which will feature lots of sun and dry weather, I’ll be styling them much differently until the September rains come.

So here are 4 ways you can style your little black dresses:

Denim Jacket

For those of us in the rainy season, we need to cover up because of the cold, and one of the best ways to style your black dress is with a denim jacket on top. It makes you look really chic and cute. You’re protected from the cold, and your outfit gets a chic look. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone.


For those with more official business, if looking casual and chic isn’t the goal, put on a blazer instead of a denim jacket. It makes you look more professional. But if you want to style a blazer with your black dress to look chic, a baggy blazer will do the trick.


I love kimonos. However, this is more suitable for those in summer. It’s lightweight and perfect for the heat. It doesn’t do much protecting from the cold so we over here can only wear it this period of the August break.

Long Jackets

This may just be one of my favorite ways to style a black dress for the weather. This is perfect for rainy days, but I’ll have to keep it off till the rains return in September.

You can also rock your little black dress without any form of layers. Paired with the right accessories, your black dress will still look awesome.

To make your outfit complete and really stand out, don’t forget to add accessories. I recommend carrying a cute bag for an added effect. Also sneakers go well with denim for a chic look, and heels go perfectly with blazers. Jewelries complete any look, don’t leave them out.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? Did you find this post helpful? Please leave your comments below… I really appreciate feedback from you all.

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