Makeup Tutorial: Simple Everyday Makeup Look

Hello lovelies.

How are y’all doing today?

I collaborated with a super talented makeup artist for today’s post. I asked her to share with me a simple makeup tutorial which she did.

So today I’m going to share with you the tutorial she sent me for a simple everyday makeup look.

This is a look you can sport when you don’t want to put on heavy makeup. You can take it to work, uni, or any other place you want to. It’s super easy to do, and very beautiful.

So here goes…

Start with a clean slate

After wiping your face, add your primer and then apply your foundation

Next you apply your highlighter

Then you apply your contour and blend out

After which you apply your setting powder in the high tones of the face as shown, alongside contour and blush if you desire

Draw your brows after blending your setting powder with a powder

Conceal the brow bone with a lighter shade of concealer

Set the outer zones with a shade lighter than your skin but not as light as the brow bones

Prime the eyes

Apply any eye shadow color of your choice and blend

Apply eye liner if you so desire

Apply bronzer on your nose forehead and chin (optional)

After that, apply the lip stain of your choice

Add your lashes (optional), and then set everything in with your powder for the finishing touches.

And you are done…

This is the end result 😍😍

See, it isn’t hard at all. Told you she’s talented lol. Check out her IG page @kweensbeautyhub to see more of her beautiful works.

This look is super easy to recreate, it’s cool and you should definitely try it out.

What do you think? Do you like this makeup look? Please drop your comments below.

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