My Top Favorite Ways To Style Baggy Tees To Look Really Cool: You’ll Love Them

Hello lovelies

How are you all doing today? I’m a bit excited because I finally got to meet one of my elder brothers for the first time yesterday.

I had major anxiety about meeting him because he’s someone I had only spoken with on the phone and I was worried about how the meeting would go. And when I finally got to see him and hug him, I got so emotional and really happy that I finally got to meet him. But that’s by the way. (Just thought I should share that with you guys. Lol. I’m still so excited and a bit emotional).

So today I want to share with you my favorite ways to style a piece that’s very prominent in my closet: baggy tees. I have so many baggy tees in my closet that I wear all the time.

My baggy tees are for days I just want to be comfortable and not put in too much effort into my outfit. Which may or may not be almost everyday🙄.

However, that doesn’t mean I wanna look drab and boring all the time. So I style up my baggy tees well most days so even though I put in minimal effort, I still end up looking stylish.

Here are my favorite things to pair my baggy tees with to look cool…


This is like the most common piece to wear baggy tees with. It’s easy, comfy, stylish and can be switched up to look really cool.

You can fully tuck your tees in your jeans for a stylish look and to reduce it’s baggy look.

Or you can tuck just one part in. It still looks baggy, but with a trendy appeal to it.

Short skirts

This is one of my favorites. Mainly because I love mini skirts a lot. Also, this is an ideal outfit choice for summer.

Pleated skirts

Ooooh, I just love pleats. Pleated skirts are a fashion fave of mine. And pairing baggy tees with pleated skirts can never go wrong. A Summer fave.

Your skirt can be short…

Or it can be long. Either way looks really really good.


For my people enjoying summer right now, this combo is perfect for the weather. And I may or may not be partial towards shorts.


I’ve been wearing more of sweatpants due to the rainy and cold weather over here in Nigeria (which just keeps getting worse by the day). And what better way to relax comfortably at home than with my trustworthy sweatpants and baggy tees.

Biker Shorts

Don’t you just love biker shorts? I really do. If you want to look chic and sexy in a baggy tee, then pair it with a biker short. You can thank me later.

Nothing Underneath

If your tee is long enough, then there’s absolutely no need to pair it with anything. You can wear it as a short gown and look sexy. Adding a cool belt or bag will really upgrade your outfit.

So there’s that. If you love baggy tees like me, and need ways to look really good in it, then you should totally try these styles out.

Disclaimer: All of these pictures were gotten from Pinterest.

What do you think? How do you style your tees? Drop a comment below telling me your favorite from the post.

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