Affordable Nigerian Owned Makeup Brands You Should Patronise Today

Hello lovelies.

Today I’ll be talking about 4 Nigerian makeup brands that I love and you should patronise.

I’m a big lover of makeup (even though I don’t wear makeup all the time, lol), and if you are too then you’ll absolutely love these brands.

They are all Nigerian owned and made (I love my country), they are affordable, and they are of very good quality. Their products are all amazing, and have been having really good reviews from users all over the world.

I’ll tell you about these brands and also show you some of their products that are amazing.

Zikel Beauty

Zikel which was founded by Kelvin Ezekiel is one of my favorite makeup brands. Zikel cosmetics prides themselves in being of great quality yet very affordable. Their products are cheap and affordable, but the quality is top notch.

Their products range from lipsticks to primers and concealers and foundation. If you want quality makeup that’s very affordable, Zikel is the go to for you. They have products for every skin tone. I highly recommend their foundation and oil free primer.

Shop their products here

Nuban Beauty

Co-founded by Jane Ogu and Ndekile Stella, Nubian Beauty has stamped its foot in the African makeup industry as one of the leading makeup brands. The brand has some of the best eye shadow palettes, and their brush set is really nice. Their In My Skin Foundation is also worth having in your collection.

Shop their products here


Zaron cosmetics was founded by Oke Maduewesi. The brand is a fast rising brand for African women and women of color. Their makeup collection is of great quality and is a favorite of makeup artists. My favorite is the brands lipsticks collection (which is to die for with its awesome and beautiful shades)

The brand also has great hair products that are worth spending on. The brands prices aren’t too high and is affordable.

Shop their products here

House Of Tara

Founded in 1998 by Tara Durotoye, House of Tara is seen as the pioneer makeup brand in Nigeria.

The makeup brand also has a makeup school (the first in Nigeria), and features products ranging from powders and lipsticks to concealers and foundation. The brand is a favorite of makeup artists and has so many great reviews

Though their products might be seen as being a bit pricey by some, the quality of the products makes it worth it.

Shop their products here

This post does not contain any affiliate links. All thoughts and reviews are genuinely mine.

Disclaimer: Most of these pictures were gotten from the brands’ official websites.

What are your favorite makeup brands? Drop a comment below.

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