Makeup Tips And Hacks From A Professional Makeup Artist

Hello lovelies

A while ago, I had a lovely conversation with one of my beautiful friends named Jessica, who is a professional makeup artist. It was kind of like an interview session where I got to ask her questions concerning makeup. So one of the questions I asked her is how she gets her makeup so flawless and beautiful, and she said she has a number of tips and tricks up her sleeve to achieve those looks.

After an amount of persuasion (because she said they’re top secret😉), she finally shared with me a few tips and hacks to use when applying makeup. I found them to be very useful, and I decided to share them with you guys today.

Tip 1

While drawing your brows, always make sure you use a concealer that isn’t so watery to conceal your brows. Do it slowly and patiently so you can get a good result.

Tip 2

While applying your foundation, use your shade of foundation or something a little bit darker. Use a little flat brush to spread the foundation first on the face, then use a foundation brush to blend in. Finally, use your beauty blender to dab all round just to leave the face feeling light.

Hack 1

While doing your under eye, you can use lipstick to achieve different colors.

Hack 2

Concealers can be used to achieve beautiful nude lips. Use a dark concealer to outline and a brighter color inside.

So there you have it. Helpful makeup tips and hacks that will definitely help you while applying your makeup.

So what do you think of this post? Did you find it helpful? What tips and hacks do you know?

Please drop a comment below telling me what you think.

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