4 Reasons Why Sneakers Should Be Your Best Friend This Rainy Season

Hello lovelies

So it’s still the rainy season for us in this part of the world, and for me, sneakers is a rainy season must have fashion item.

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I’m sure everyone loves sneakers.

They are cool, come in different colors and designs and they can be worn with basically anything.

Sneakers are cool, trendy and despite being an all year fashion item, they come in very handy during the rainy season.

They are undeniably one my best friends during the rainy season, and here’s 4 reasons why they should be yours too.

1. They are lightweight and comfortable


One very beautiful thing about sneakers is that they are lightweight and very comfortable. Meaning they are not heavy on the feet or stressful to wear (unlike heels). That comes in very handy during the rainy season when you need to run to avoid rain droplets or run across rain and muddy puddles. You need something comfortable that won’t stress your feet out. So sneakers are your go to for comfort for the weather.

2. The rubber ones are water resistant


Most sneakers are made from rubber so naturally, they are water resistant. Which means they won’t be easily ruined by water. Since water is the order of the day this period, you need long lasting shoes. Also, water won’t be able to pass through the shoe so your feet won’t get wet in case of puddles. Sneakers are one of the best shoes to wear during the rainy season for it’s durability.

3. They match with basically anything


Everyone knows sneakers can be worn with almost any type of clothes. Skirts, dresses, trousers, pants, blazers, shorts, you name it. They are very cute and fashionable and they can be paired with anything. Sneakers are versatile, and that’s one reason it’s an all year round fashion piece. During the rainy season, you need shoes that will pair with the specific clothing you wear. And sneakers are it.

4. They keep your feet warm


Sneakers cover your entire feet and keep them warm from the cold weather. During the rainy season, I want my feet to always be warm so sneakers are my go to for warmth this period when the weather gets cold. You can add socks to your feet before your sneakers for that extra warm and fuzzy feeling. Also, socks look great with sneakers when paired right.

Sneakers are one of the best shoes to wear during the rainy season because of all the benefits that comes with it.

For your comfort, it’s durability and versatility, sneakers are your go to. So make sneakers your best friend this rainy season and make fashion statements whenever you get dressed up.

What do you think? Did you find this post helpful? Do you always wear sneakers during the rainy season?

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