Father’s Day: 8 Last Minute Budget Friendly Gift Ideas To Get For Your Father

Hello lovelies

So Father’s Day is just around the corner.

And if you are a last minute gift shopper like me, then you know the heat is on now to get the perfect last minute gift before the day arrives.

Majority of fathers say they don’t need a gift on father’s day, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting them gifts and putting smiles on their faces.

I mean, why won’t we get them gifts? Fathers are after all a gift to us from above. They are our first loves, our first friend, provider and our protector. They’ve made sacrifices for us more times that we can ever imagine.

So to show our appreciation, we need to make them feel special that day.

It doesn’t matter that you waited all this time to get your gift. Don’t fret. MissBluw is here to give you gift ideas on what you can get for your father at the last minute.

And not just fathers. For those of you that are married, you can get these gifts for your husbands. And also any father figure in your life.

1. Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are one of the best gifts ever. They are easy to get and very lovely. Get your father a customized mug that says how much you love him and what he means to you. He’ll remember it everytime he uses the mug. There are lots of shops that sell really nice pre-customized mugs. Just look for the ones that best conveys your feelings.

2. Shaving Kit

Every man needs a shaving kit. Your dad will really appreciate you getting him a complete set as it is something he has to use frequently.

3. Alcohol Glasses Set

For those dads that take alcohol, this is a perfect gift for them. Get them this and they’ll appreciate it a lot. There are lots of glasses designs you can choose from.

4. Wallet

Men hardly ever change their wallets. No matter how old it gets. If your father is still using an old wallet fathers day is the perfect time to get him a new one. Wallets are also budget friendly. Go shopping and select a really nice wallet for your father. He deserves it.

5. New suit

Getting your father a new suit is a really great idea. Get him an affordable quality suit to add to his collection and watch him rock it to the office, or events that require a suit.

6. Set Of Shirts

If there’s one thing a man can never have too much of, it’s shirts. Seriously, shirts is something men wear all the time. They wear it to work, to catch up with friends and on errands. Basically, men wear shirts 90 percent of the time. So get your father a set of new shirts as a gift and he’ll love it very much.

7. Men’s Ties

Men love ties. They want to have ties in every color and design there is. This father’s day, get your father a set of ties. He’ll add it to his collection, and since it’s from you he’ll wear it all the time!

8. Wrist watch

If your father doesn’t have a watch, then get one for him. I know a lot of men wear their watches till its all old and worn out just because they can’t be bothered to go shopping for a new one. So buy him a watch that’s really cool and affordable and he’ll instantly fall in love with it.

Be sure that your father will love these last minute gift ideas. Just get one for him and put a smile on his face. And what’s more, they are all affordable so you don’t have to break the bank to get them. You don’t need expensive gifts to make your father happy.

Tip: Add a cake or pastries at the side and watch the smile on your father’s face widen.

Disclaimer: All of these pictures were gotten from Pinterest.

What do you think? Did you find this post helpful?

Drop a comment below telling me what you’re getting for your father, or what you already got for him.

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