5 Awesome Hairstyles To Make For The Rainy Season

Hello lovelies

The rains are here, and the struggle is on to find the perfect hairstyles to make that won’t get ruined by the rain.

For those of us on team natural, we need to make protective hairstyles that will protect our hair from the weather, frizz and breakage.

So I decided to make a post telling you the best hairstyles to make this rainy season that are cute and will last long.

Not only will they protect your hair, they are also weather friendly. They get dry real quick when wet. All you need is a blow dryer. And, they keep your head warm from the cold. Big plus.

Box braids

Box braids have been in style for a while now and I doubt they will go out of style anytime soon

Crochet braids

Crochet braids are beautiful and very good for cold weather. They also last very long, and are easy to make at home by yourself

Two strands twist

I love the two strands twist because it can be done with attachments and also your natural hair. It protects your natural hair from the weather and from frizzing

Faux locks

Faux locks are awesome. Period. There are so many ways you can rock and style your locks. Short or long, faux locks are great for the rainy season


This list will not be complete without the ultimate cornrows. You can never go wrong with cornrows. Cornrows are perfect for the cold and rainy weather. Your hair dries real quick if it gets wet, and it lasts long. You can also make it with your natural hair and look really good

If you are thinking of a hair do for the rainy and cold weather, just pick one of these hairstyles and switch it up as you desire.

Disclaimer: All of these pictures were gotten from Pinterest.

What do you think? Which hairstyle are you going with? Drop a comment below telling me your favorite.

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