The Rainy Season: Fashion Tips On What To Wear For The Cold Weather

Hello lovelies.

As we all know, June is the peak rainy season for those of us in this part of the world.

In Nigeria especially, the rain gets more heavy around June before going on a short break in August.

So while the rest of the world is easing into summer, we are in the rainy season, which isn’t quite so bad; if you take away the mud puddles, mosquitoes and the heavy downpours.

Anyhoo, since it’s inevitable, MissBluw is here to share some tips on what to wear this rainy season.


Ditch the bright coloured clothes

OK. This is very very important. Imagine going out in your favorite white or pink jeans, and it gets dirty or stained by mud and water splashes. Eww right. To avoid that unfortunate situation, it’s best if you said bye to your brightly coloured clothes for now. Stick to the dark ones like blue, black or brown. Neutral colors are the best . Not saying you shouldn’t wear bright clothes at all, but you get the gist.

Swap the heels for flats

When it rains, the ground could get very slippery, so it’s advisable to move in flat shoes this season. Swap your heels for more comfortable flat shoes to avoid accidents. If you have to wear heels, always carry flats in your bag for easy swapping when the need arises.

Avoid clothes that “sweep the floor”

For now there’s no need to wear clothes that sweep the floor. Push your long gowns, skirts and flare pants to the back of the closet. Yes you wanna wear long clothes that shield your body from the cold, but you dont want to see your dress rolling in mud and getting all ruined.

Wear materials that don’t retain water

You may get caught up in the rain sometimes and get wet. So its important that you wear clothes made from non water retaining materials. Those kind of clothes get dry quickly and don’t have stain patches when dry. Materials like cotton don’t retain water so they are the best.

Now, for what to wear:


For sweats lovers like myself, this is the best time to rock our beloved sweatshirts and sweatpants. Not that I don’t wear them any other time. Lol. Sweats are great for the cold weather. They keep you warm, comfy and fuzzy, and they are stylish as well. Personally I love baggy sweats. The ones I just get lost in.


Yes kimonos. This style staple is one thing that should be prominent in your wardrobe right now. Kimonos are really chic and stylish, and what’s more; they can keep away cold. So if you wanna stay warm but look stylish at the same time, kimonos are your go to.

Be sure not to wear the extremely long ones that sweep the floor to avoid them getting ruined.


Jeans are one fashion staple that will never go out of style. Jeans are appropriate for every season or weather. Hot or cold, jeans stay loyal. And the rainy season is not left out. Jeans will keep you a bit warm this period while making sure you stay on top of your style game. Try pairing your jeans with sweaters and blazers for maximum fashion statement.

Turtle necks

The only time I wear turtle necked clothes is during the rainy season. They are perfect for keeping warm during the cold weather. You can wear it with a skirt or Jeans.


Sweaters are the most prominent style features of the rainy season all over the world. This is like the ultimate fashion piece to fight against the cold. Sweaters can be worn over any and everything (as long as its cute). Wear your sweaters over your gowns, skirts or jeans. It’s chic, stylish, and a great precaution against the cold.


For those who work, blazers are great at keeping you warm while giving you that professional and boss look. Blazers are awesome generally, and there is no better time to rock them than now. Check out my post on how to style your blazers here.

Rubber Shoes

Rubber lasts longer and is water resistant. Meaning it doesn’t get ruined by water easily. So wear more of rubber shoes this season to avoid ruining your more fragile shoes when it rains. There are lots of cute shoes made from rubber you can add to your collection, ranging from sandals, canvas, and slippers that are perfect for the weather. And the puddles. Watch out for those.


If you know Nigerians well, you’ll know that once it’s cold, the socks come out. It’s kind of like a national flag of the cold over here. No jokes. Be it ankle, short or thigh high socks. Keeping your feet warm is very important and socks are the best way to keep your feet warm during the cold days, especially for a lazy day at home. Wear it with your shoes for that extra warmth. You can play around with your socks. Match it with your outfits for that playful vibe.

Disclaimer: All pictures were gotten from Pinterest

What do you think of this post? What will you be wearing this rainy season? Drop a comment telling me your fashion choices for the season.

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