Beautiful Ways To Tie Your Headwraps

Hello lovelies.

In light of all that is happening in the world, I’ve realized that we need to put black culture and heritage out there more than ever for the world to see, know and appreciate. And so MissBluw will do a lot more to promote black culture in whatever way or form.

So today, I’ll be sharing on something really peculiar to black ladies.

Today I’ll be sharing really beautiful ways to tie your head wraps. Head wraps are something that I’ve loved all my life. I mean, you can’t be a black girl and not love head wraps.

And with summer upon most of us, head wraps are something we’ll be seeing more of on the ladies. It’s a good protective measure for the heat, and it’s also really stylish. So you are basically killing two birds with one stone.

But tying your scarves and head wraps just one way can get really old and boring.

So if you don’t know different ways to tie your head wraps, MissBluw is here to help.

Here are different beautiful ways to tie your headwraps.

So these are really stylish ways to tie your head wraps this summer. They are beautiful and will have you looking all chic and bossy.

Disclaimer: All of these pictures were gotten from Pinterest.

What do you think? Did you find this post helpful? Drop a comment below telling me what you think?

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