6 Makeup Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Hello lovelies.

MissBluw here.

The struggle to have perfect makeup is real. I literally had to always clean my eyeliner like 5 times before I got it right (a bit). But knowing some tips and tricks has really helped me a lot in putting on makeup. And also the fact that I learnt a bit from an awesome professional makeup artist.

So today I decided to share with my makeup lovers some tips and tricks that will help applying your makeup a whole lot easier. Try these out and you’d be sure to have your makeup looking like something Kylie Jenner would do.

Ehh, a little like something she would do. OK maybe not like what Kylie Jenner would do, but you get the point.

Tip 1

When applying makeup, always start with your eyes. The eyes take the longest time to do, and you are prone to make the most mistakes there which may require you to clean and correct. So start with your eyes to avoid complications later on.

Tip 2

Use eye primer before applying eyeshadow or eye liner to prevent fading or smudging.

Tip 3

Apply your foundation using downwards strokes instead of upwards to avoid peach fuzz.

Tip 4

Apply concealer in a triangle shape to cover up puffy eyes and dark circles.

Tip 5

Use translucent powder to make your lipstick last longer. After putting on your shade, put tissue over your lips and dust the powder over it. It will set your lipstick and make it last longer.

Tip 6

Use finishing spray to avoid your makeup caking up. This is very important if you want your makeup to last long and not cake. Having a caked makeup is very annoying, so use finishing spray to avoid that.

These tips are very useful and I’m sure you will not regret trying any out.

Do you find these tips helpful? Drop a comment below telling me what you think.

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