The Right Skin Care Routine For A Clean And Blemish Free Face

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Like I always say, having the perfect skin is the goal of women all over the world. And in other to achieve that goal, we must have and stick to the right skin care routine to get that perfect skin we see on our beloved celebrities.

Our faces especially need more attention and care in order to keep it clean, clear and blemish free.

To have the right skin care routine, we need the right and essential skin care items and products that we must add to our routine everyday.

And these essential products for our face are:-

  • A cleanser
  • A toner
  • Serum
  • An eye cream
  • Spot treatment
  • Moisturizer
  • Face oil
  • Sun screen

Now just having these products is not enough. You need to know the right order to apply them for maximum effect.

Using them out of order can reduce the effects of the products, but doing it correctly can help you experience it’s maximum benefits and avoid potential irritation.

For your morning skin care routine:

Step 1: Cleanse

This is the first vital step to any skin care routine. Cleansing gives you a clean slate so that the rest of your products will be able to do their jobs very well.

Cleansing frees your skin of dead surface cells, makeup, excess oil and bacteria.

Apply a very gentle cleanser in the morning regardless of skin type. A gentle cleanser because there shouldn’t be too much dirt on your face if you cleansed the night before. (If you’re prone to acne breakouts, consider a cleanser with salicylic acid).

Step 2: Tone

Toner preps your skin for the rest of your skincare products by opening your pores.

It cleanses your skin, restores the skin’s pH balance, reduces the appearance of pores, keeps out dirt, reduces acnenand blackheads, and also evens out your skin tone.
Some toners are made with alcohol, which is drying, so invest in one without alcohol.

Step 3: Eye Cream

Eye cream will protect and nourish the delicate skin around your eyes . The best formula for you depends on your skin type.

Eye creams will nourish the skin under your eyes, keep it moisturized thereby preventing dullness, fight puffiness and brighten your eyes. It also softens fine lines.

Someone with oily skin might benefit from a lightweight gel eye cream, while someone with dry skin might benefit from an ultra-luxurious balm.

Step 4: Serum

A serum is said to be one of the most powerful tools in a person’s skincare routine.

Serums are lightweight, almost watery products that absorb quickly to offer potent anti-aging benefits.

Serums reduces signs of fatigue, smoothens the surface of your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps your skin to retain moisture.

Because serums are so powerful, you want to apply them directly to your skin so that the ingredients will penetrate deeply.

Step 5: Moisturize

Cleansers strip your skin of lipids (fatty acids), so putting on moisturizer is very essential.

Moisturizer prevents flaking of the skin and dullness. Moisturizing creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day. It reduces the appearance of skin blemishes, fights wrinkles thereby keeping the skin young.

Don’t forget to extend moisturization and sun protection all the way to your neck area

Step 6: Spot Treatment

Applying spot treatments is essential for those prone to breakouts (acne and blackheads). Make sure to choose one that is tried and tested, and has no side effects on your skin.

Step 7: Face Oil

Face oils are just as essential as moisturizing. Face oils are perfect for people with naturally dry skin.

Face oils help prevent and reduce wrinkles, shrinks enlarged pores and helps calm down rashes

Step 8: Sun Screen

Putting on sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of your morning skincare routine. It is very important.

Using a dedicated sunscreen (as opposed to the SPF in foundation, for instance) is key for shielding your skin from UV rays, which can lead to burning, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

Sunscreen protects your skin against sunburn, it reduces the appearance of damage caused by sun, discolorations and dark spots. It also helps your skin maintain an even tone.

These are the essentials you need for the perfect skin care routine. A combination of all the above products used in the right order is sure to give you that clean, clear and blemish free face.

Exfoliating is also an important part of your skin care routine.


Did you find this post helpful? Drop a comment below telling me what you think, and what your skin care routine is like

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