4 Amazing Benefits Of Exfoliating: Why You Should Start Exfoliating Today

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Having amazing skin is the goal of every woman around the globe. And in other to achieve that, there are a lot of beauty regimens we must adopt and stick to. One of them being exfoliation. To have skin as great as that of the celebs, you must exfoliate. It’s an essential part of skin care that cannot and should not be overlooked at all.

Before I go further, I’d like to explain what exfoliating is. Exfoliating is basically the process of removing dead skin cells from your skin. You can exfoliate chemically or with your very own home made exfoliation scrub made from the comfort of your lovely home.

Here I will outline a few of the great benefits of exfoliating and give you reasons why you should start exfoliating today. Not tomorrow; today.

Or probably your next skin care routine session. That can work too. Sooooo below are the benefits:

1. It removes dead skin cells and dirt leaving your skin smooth and shiny.

This has got to be the most sought after benefit of exfoliation. The removal of dead skin cells. This is the most common reason why we exfoliate. Dead skin cells remaining on the skin after repairs leave our skin looking and feeling very dry and bland, which gives it a really plain look. But when you exfoliate, you remove the dead skin cells giving your skin a silky feel, and making it look smooth and shiny.

2. It unclogs your pores

Dirt accumulation can close the pores on your skin. Exfoliating unclogs and opens the pores. This is a very good benefit. When your pores are open, any skin product applied can easily blend into your skin and work it’s magic. A good reason why you should always exfoliate.

3. It evens out your skin tone

For those of us who have an uneven skin tone, exfoliating will remedy that. The exfoliating product works into your skin and evens out any dark patches, giving your skin a uniform and even tone.

4. It treats/prevents acne and blackheads

Yay! My personal favorite.

I have a very acne prone skin. My skin easily breaks out. Like very easily. Acne, blackheads, reactions you name it. However, when I discovered the joys and benefits of exfoliating and incorporated it into my skin care routine, I realised that my acne drastically reduced. It treats acne and also prevents it, keeping your face very smooth and clean.

With all off the above benefits, I’m very sure you’ve been convinced on why you should start exfoliating. It’s a great step to getting that awesome skin you desire. And guess what, exfoliating works for all skin types. So you don’t have to be scared on whether or not it will be good for your skin.

Also, you can make your own exfoliating scrub at home with all natural products which have no side effects at all (except you’re allergic or react to certain natural products).

Personally, I use Kay’s Organics Face/Body Scrub which is really amazing, but in my next beauty post, I’ll teach you how to make your own exfoliating scrub at home. Excited right? I know you can’t wait. So follow and subscribe to this blog to get the update straight to your inbox when it’s up😊.

Disclaimer: Some of these pictures were gotten from Pinterest

Did you find this post helpful? Drop a comment below telling us how you get your exfoliating scrub…Homemade or bought??

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