5 Different Awesome Ways To Style A White T-shirt And Look Great.

Having clothes in your closet that you have absolutely no idea what to do with them can be really frustrating. I’m sure we’ve all been in the very annoying but common position of having absolutely nothing to wear. There are times I’d open my wardrobe and the only thing I’d see are boring plain tops and jeans. I know a lot of us have been through that more times than we can count.

And whenever I complain of having nothing to wear, my mom or brother would ask ‘what happened to all your clothes’? And I’d be like “you just don’t understand”. Its not like I was out of clothes or anything, a lot of times, I just didn’t know what to do with what I had.

Being in that situation can be very frustrating, but once you know how to work with what you have and create something beautiful, you won’t ever be stuck.

Today, I’ll be talking on the white T-shirt and the different ways we can style it to make it look less boring and really great. Wearing it like that with a pair of jeans gets really old. Trust me I know.

The white t-tshirt is one item of clothing that is always overlooked and regarded as boring. I mean I used to always by pass it when searching for outfits. But experimenting with it in different ways and getting inspiration from celebrities changed that. If you know just what to do with it, you won’t find it boring at all.

The white tee is one very versatile piece of clothing that can be styled in different ways.

Don’t know what to do with the white T-shirts in your closet, here are the different ways you can wear them to look and feel great.

Tucked Into A Pair Of Jean Trousers

This has to be the most common way we wear a white T-shirt; with jeans. But who says it has to be boring and normal? If you’re tired of wearing it the normal way, try something different and tuck it into your jeans. You know what would be better? High waisted jeans. This would definitely rock. And you can play around and accessorise as you please to make it look even more awesome. For example,you can add a really chic belt to complete the look, or you can add that pretty little chain of yours, or that really cute pair of earrings that you own. Either way you choose, it will give the look a really great finishing, and you are ready to be on your merry way.

Wearing It With Shorts

If you’re going for a simple yet sexy look, then this is for you. Days where I don’t wanna try too hard, I just throw on my white tee with a pair of shorts and I’m good baby.

This is a look with the celebrity stamp of approval. Come on, you’ve definitely seen Kendall Jenner and Hayley Bieber wearing this more than once. This look is effortlessly sexy and simple at the same time. Just for added flair, you can tuck one part in while leaving the other part of the tee out. Also, I like my T-shirt being the same length as, or longer than my shorts. This look will be awesome with a pair of sneakers. Throw on a cute jacket just for that next level fashionista vibes and you’re sure to have heads turning.

Tucking It Into A Skirt

Now this could be really tricky as not every skirt will look good with a white T-shirt. However, personally, I advice jean skirts, a leather skirt or a long floral skirt. It could be short or long, tight or flare. Any other skirt you feel will look great is fine.

Wear your white tee and tuck it in your skirt for a chic and girly look. This will look great with either boots, or sneakers, whatever works for you. A pair of flat sandals will also work magic for this look. Wear a pair of sunglasses if you want, just for the heck of it. I mean,you can never go wrong with sunglasses right?

Wearing It With Biker Shorts

Take a cue from Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski will you. Biker shorts have been an important fashion piece for a while now and I think they aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

Pairing your white T-shirt with a biker short is sure to make for a great outfit combination. This is great for a day of running errands, going shopping or just chilling out with friends. I personally feel I’m too skinny for biker shorts, I really don’t know why. But its a really cute fashion item and if KK can pull it off, you def can too.

DIY It Into A Crop Top

I am obsessed with crop tops, and I have this really bad habit of wanting to cut all my tops short (JSYK I don’t cut all). I could literally wear crop tops every day of my life. No jokes.

Tired of seeing the same white tee sitting in your closet everyday, why not get handy with a pair of scissors and snip snip away? Besides, who doesn’t love a home made crop top. Cut it and wear with your favourite jeans, sweatpants or even skirts. It doesn’t have to stay the same way forever. When you get bored of the T-shirt, a quick remedy is to change it into a crop top. It can even be like a new top you bought, am I right?

If you don’t want cut it into a crop top (maybe you’re scared of handling scissors), you can tie it into a knot at the front or at the back for the same effect and look. I do that a lot with my T-shirts, and you are guaranteed to love it if you try it out.

These are just some of the numerous ways to style a white tee and make it look really good. It doesn’t have to be worn boringly and normal all the time. Switch up that look and turn heads while you’re at it. Experiment with your own ideas and get stylishly creative boo.

Other ways you can style your tees:

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