In this day and age where we have lots of illnesses and unhealthy things flying around, one starts to wonder how to keep a healthy life. The secret to living healthy is not just going to the gym every day and exercising. What keeps us healthy are our life choices. The little decisions that we make here and there thinking they don’t matter, but they have a huge impact in our lives. People are so caught up in work and everyday matters that we forget to take care of our health. Our health should be our topmost priority, but people only care when they break down.
Staying healthy doesn’t cost anything, just a few changes will work wonders.

These are a few tips that will help you keep a healthy life once incorporated into your lives.


Many of us dread going to the gym. I do, I mean it’s just so exhausting. But we can’t deny the benefits of exercise. Exercising regularly keeps us fit and healthy. Contrary to what some might think, exercising doesn’t necessarily pertain only to going to the gym. Taking a short walk everyday will do a lot of good. Wanna go grocery shopping just at the next street over, why not walk over there. Sometimes, just talk a walk over a little distance knowing the mornings or evenings. Being in the habit of walking when your destination isn’t far will do a lot of good for your body. Hitting the gym every once in a while is the best way to exercise. Running on threadmills, pulling weights, sit ups and all the fitness exercises. I don’t go to the gym all them time, I’m more of a work out at home kinda girl. I do jump ropes almost every day, I also do abdominal exercises like sit ups all from the comfort of my home. Many of us fall sick because we don’t release our bones and joints. To keep fit and healthy, exercise is very vital.

Eat Less Junk Food

Be it chips, pizza, chocolates cake or soda, we all love junk food. In fact, majority of our fridges are stocked to the brim with them. But the truth is, taking it in all the time is very harmful to the health. Apart from causing obesity, too much of junk and sugary things causes illnesses like tooth ache, stomach ache and a host of others. Avoiding them totally is not the option for everyone(for those who can, beautiful), however reducing our level of intake is advised. I personally can’t avoid them altogether, I do love me some junk every once in a while. But I do mind the frequency with which I eat them. I try as much as possible to not eat them all the time and it really helps me in staying healthy. So a great way to stay healthy is to eat less junk food.

Eat More Vegetables And Fruits

A lot of us don’t incorporate vegetables into our diet. And that is very bad. Doctors advice that we eat vegetables all the time. Even our favorite celebrities have confessed that vegetables and fruits are a very important part of their diets. Vegetables have so many health benefits too numerous to mention but in summary aids in a healthy life. Fruits also play a very important role in keeping us healthy, and for anyone who wants to live a healthy life, fruits and vegetables cannot be ignored or pushed to the curb. Wanna live healthy, eat your vegetables and fruits.

Avoid Stress

We all work hard every day to make a living. In each of our professions and path in life, stress is unavoidable. We go through stress every other day. And that is really not good for our health, mental more than physical. As much as we need to work hard, we should try as much as possible to reduce our level of stress. We should also try as much as possible to not overwork ourselves. Every person has limits. Take a break every few hours. Take a much needed vacation every few months or years. Don’t wait until you break down to rest. Go out, enjoy and live life to the fullest. Do the things you wanna do. Take up a hobby or learn something new. Life is too short to miss the important things. Do whatever makes you happy. Happiness is a very important factor to living a healthy life. Take care of your mental and physical health. Push yourself, but know when to take a break. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Also, don’t live not haven lived.

Maintain A Clean Hygiene

Personal hygiene cannot be over emphasized. Having as clean hygiene is very very important to everyone. Dirtiness can cause sicknesses. For example wearing dirty clothes, not taking baths regularly, not brushing etc. These and more can cause a decline in health, like not brushing can cause tooth aches or yellowing of teeth. To keep a healthy life, attention must be paid to one’s hygiene and how clean you keep yourself. Taking baths regularly, twice a day is advised, wearing clean clothes, brushing at least once a day, washing of hair regularly are all part of a clean hygiene, and we must all strive to stick to it. It is very important to living a healthy life.

Avoid Harmful Habits

There are some habits we have which are harmful to the health believe it or not. For example smoking. Smoking does a lot of damage to one’s body. It is a well known fact that smoking is very harmful to the lungs and heart. Too much smoking can cause cancer. ,another harmful habit which can be detrimental to the health is skipping breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, yet a lot of us skip it. I wonder how they do it, because I won’t function properly without breakfast. Studies have shown that skipping breakfast in fact very harmful and we should try as much as possible to stop it. Other harmful habits include excessive alcohol consumption and excessive caffeine intake. In other to maintain a healthy life and lifestyle, we must avoid these habits at all costs. We may not know it, but little by little, it takes a toll on our health.
So we should try as much as we can to avoid harmful habits and instead inculcate the healthy ones, such as drinking a glass of water every morning.
We all need to live healthy lives, and these tips are a great start to healthy living.

If you found this helpful, please leave a comment below telling us what you think.

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